The £10 Christmas is back again, and I can’t believe it’s 8 years since we started it. I have not mentioned it on the blog for the past few years, but with the festive season about to begin, I thought I would let newer readers know what it is.

The £10 Christmas

What is the £10 Christmas

The £10 Christmas is the budget that the husband and I set every Christmas for each other. We started it 8 years ago, when we decided we would rather put our money towards Christmas days out, and festive breaks away with the kids. Now that the children are teenagers, and festive days out are getting few and far between, we are still sticking with our £10 Christmas.

So what are the rules

It has to be a strict £10, no going over or under, even by a penny. The other rule is you can’t just go and buy 10 items from Poundland, as that would make it far too easy.

So why do we still do it

It’s our little Christmas tradition, and I can see us still doing it in 10 years time. I love the challenge of finding gifts within budget, and makes us both think about the items we buy for each other.

So what do we buy

Obviously I can’t give too much away incase the husband reads this, but this year I still have £1.71 left to buy. Below are a few pictures from past years, including chocolate, socks, books, calendars, and even free crisps.

£10 Christmas

£10 Christmas

£10 Christmas

£10 Christmas

Would you ever contemplate setting a budget of £10 for Christmas ? The good thing for me is that my birthday is in January, and thank goodness we don’t have a budget of £10 for that !!

8 Thoughts on “The £10 Christmas – 8 years on

  1. I think it’s a great idea and sounds fun.

  2. I love this idea. At a time when you spend so much money I think this is really sensible. We have three birthdays in December too, mine, my husband and my daughter’s so we don’t really bother with presents other than a token gift. I like the idea of having £10 to spend as I bet you can be quite creative with it

    • Tracey Williams on December 5, 2018 at 3:56 pm said:

      Gosh yes you have a busy December Nikki with 3 birthdays too. Must be a bloody nightmare for you !!! Apart from your own of course lol. You would be surprised how much you can get for a tenner x

  3. You already know I love this idea Tracey, I can’t believe how much you can get for £10 when you put your mind to it x

    • Tracey Williams on December 5, 2018 at 3:57 pm said:

      I love doing it, and to be honest I can still see us doing it in years to come. It is definitely our little tradition now x

  4. We are doing this, this year! It is such a great idea isn’t it.
    I have been to Poundland though only because there was some tool thing he was going on about in there. hehehe

    • Tracey Williams on December 5, 2018 at 3:59 pm said:

      Yay I am so glad you are doing it too Kim. Getting a few things from Poundland is fine, just not allowed all 10 items from there lol x

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