Little Loves – Suits, Mince Pies and Wearing a Dress

Another month gone in the blink of an eye, and time for me to sit down and focus on my Little Loves for the past month. November is the month when Christmas starts to creep in, and of course I have had my first mince pie of the season. I am sure I will be indulging in a few more before the 25th December.

Costa Mince Pie


I have read a good mix of books this month, and I’m really into reading at the moment. Everybody seems to be talking about This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay, so when I spotted it in a charity shop for 99p I grabbed it. This book had me laughing out loud one minute, cringing the next, then sobbing.  A wonderful and often heartbreaking insight into our NHS.

This is going to hurt - Adam Kay

Another page turner was Lies by T.M Logan which I got from Amazon for £2. A real psychological thriller which had be going WTF at the end. I certainly didn’t see the end coming, and another book I was hooked on right from the first chapter.

Lies by T.M Logan


I have been a huge lover of Suits way before Meghan was a sparkle in Harry’s eye, and we have just finished watching series 8 on Netflix. I honestly thought that Suits wouldn’t survive without Meghan and her on screen husband Mike, but the producers have pulled it out of the bag with the latest series. With the introduction of Katherine Heigl, and the show focusing on a few different characters, the husband and I both agreed that this was one of the best series of Suits.

Suits Season 8


On Sunday the 11th November, we went and listened to our local remembrance service, as Katie was taking part in the parade with her Scout group. It was a poignant and moving service as always, and a very proud mum moment as she marched past.

Remembrance Day Parade


I would love to say lots and lots of festive plans, but I have teenagers, so no cute visits to see Father Christmas for us. Instead I have been focusing on days out with the husband, whilst the kids are in school. We are off to the Manchester markets next week, and in a few weeks we are going to treat ourselves to a well deserved spa day.


I finally got around to wearing the dress I featured in my last Little Loves post. I had the perfect excuse to wear it for an evening out for my best friend’s birthday, and I LOVED it. I teamed it with little black ankle boots, and can you see the red handbag in the picture ? That is my daughter’s Primark bag, and she charged me 50p hire charge to borrow it for the evening !!! I am contemplating adding a surcharge of 10p for every meal I make for her lol. Ignore the awkward pose and poor quality picture !!

Marks and Spencer Dress

And lastly

My next Little Loves post will be at the end of December, so I hope everybody has a lovely Christmas and hope that your New Year is filled with lots of gin x

Little Loves

20 thoughts on “Little Loves – Suits, Mince Pies and Wearing a Dress”

  1. I have not got around to watching Suits, it’s on my list of things I want to watch though.
    That dress looks fab on you! I did chuckle when I read your daughter had charged you to use her bag. lol

  2. I didn’t like Suits, strange for me as I love American legal dramas. I couldn’t take to some of the characters but if there’s some new ones I might give this series a try.

    • Oh that is strange Lorraine, I fell in love with the characters right away. Especially the dream boat that is Harvey lol x

  3. Loving the dress – it looks lovely! Hope you had a lovely evening celebrating your friends birthday. I LOVED ‘This is Going to Hurt’ – it made me laugh, cry and cringe – exactly as you said. One of my best books of the year. Enjoy December! xx

  4. I love Suits. I only started watching it this year and yet to finish season eight. Definitely a binge worthy programme though! I’ve been scoffing the mince pies all month, I will look like one before christmas is here, I’ve eaten that many! Will have to keep an eye out for Lies, sounds like my kind of book! Popping over from Little Loves Have a wonderful December xx

    • We absolutely loves season 8 so hopefully you will be in for treat when you get to it. Only had 2 mince pies so far which is quite frankly terrible. I need to up my game. Have an amazing December too x

  5. That dress is lovely on you. Can’t believe Katie charged you a hire fee for her bag, she’s a clever girl! I won’t be giving my teen any ideas or she’ll start charging me when I pinch her clothes – one of the perks of losing weight I can fit into most of her stuff! I loved This is Going to Hurt, such a brilliant book and you’re right, I was a whole mess of emotions reading that one. Have a great week x

    • No, definitely don’t give her any ideas. Yes she is a cheeky one isn’t she, and trouble is I want to borrow it again in a few weeks when we go out !!! Pftttt another 50p x

  6. Your days out sound lovely, we’re off to the markets on the last day of them being open. I can’t wait. Have a lovely month of December

    • Thank you KA. We have skipped them for the past few years, and cannot wait to visit them tomorrow. Get me to the Baileys Hot Chocolate with lots of whipped cream x

  7. You look lovely as usual Tracey ! Katie looks so smart in her uniform I used to love going to the Rememberence service with my older two when they were in scouts. Enjoy your trip to the markets and your spa day, we should try and go for a spa day together next year that would be lovely x

  8. That dress really suits you, Tracey. I am really into dresses at the moment, there are some lovely ones about. I really need to start reading again, I have a huge pile of books to read and lots of others that I want to read too. That mince pie looks so delicious, I love them but because I had my wisdom tooth out, I can chew properly so no mince pies for me!

    • Thank you Nikki, and I am really trying to wear different outfits rather than just a top and jeans. Ah no mince pies, that is totally rubbish for you x

  9. I love the dress and you look fab. I am rocking Christmas magic this year and have shared all sorts of Christmas crafts on my blog. I decided I love it so am doing it and its funny the boys have embraced it, its like Jack has gone past the too cool for school attitude x

    • Yes I have heard that the teens slowly come back after the ‘too cool for school’ phase lol. Looking forward to that day with Morgan. Aw thank you, I love the dress and think I might wear it for my trip to London x


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