How have I not written a Little Loves post since July….. JULY. I have no excuse but to say that life has got in the way, and I know the whole reason behind Little Loves is to focus on the positives. So tonight I have taken a deep breath, switched on my laptop, and here are my Little Loves that have kept me smiling throughout the month of October.

Autumn Flat Lay


I am loving switching off in the evenings and losing myself in a book. I am probably averaging one book a week, and I am alternating between psychological thrillers, and more easy reading. I have picked up the following books from either our local charity shop, or ordered direct from Amazon for the bargain price of £2 each. Have you read any of them ?

Fiona Gibson Book

Celeste Ng Book

I See You


How much good TV have we been blessed with lately, mostly from the good old BBC. Bodyguard for a start. I swear that for the best part of the show I was holding my breath. Brilliant programme, and can we all agree that Richard Madden is rather sexy.


Killing Eve, another fantastic show from the BBC. My husband was nearly going to watch it without me, and thank goodness he didn’t. Gripping show, with many moments of dark humour, and bloody brilliant acting from the two leading ladies.

Killing Eve

We have also watched Press, The Good Place is back on Netflix, and we are also loving The Apprentice too. Can’t you tell it’s Autumn when all we want to do is curl up on the sofa and watch television.


Lots of rock music coming from the teen’s bedroom. We got him a Bose speaker for his 16th birthday in August, and he has been putting it to good use. Thankfully he likes all kinds of rock music, so at least I have heard of some of the songs. Teenagers eh….


I honestly can’t think of a single thing I have made this month.


I am trying to get out of my comfort zone of jeans at this time of year, as I love the idea of wearing dresses teamed with boots. I ordered this dress from Marks and Spencer, and in true Tracey fashion it is still hanging on my wardrobe door. I promise I will wear it SOON.

Marks and Spencer Dress

And lastly

We have just finished our half term here in Cheshire, and I am looking forward to some routine this coming week. Plus I am itching to get back to my swimming routine, and even though it’s November this coming week, I will still be swimming in the outdoor pool. Have a great month x

Little Loves