Little Loves – Brilliant Television, Reading and Autumn Dresses

How have I not written a Little Loves post since July….. JULY. I have no excuse but to say that life has got in the way, and I know the whole reason behind Little Loves is to focus on the positives. So tonight I have taken a deep breath, switched on my laptop, and here are my Little Loves that have kept me smiling throughout the month of October.

Autumn Flat Lay


I am loving switching off in the evenings and losing myself in a book. I am probably averaging one book a week, and I am alternating between psychological thrillers, and more easy reading. I have picked up the following books from either our local charity shop, or ordered direct from Amazon for the bargain price of £2 each. Have you read any of them ?

Fiona Gibson Book

Celeste Ng Book

I See You


How much good TV have we been blessed with lately, mostly from the good old BBC. Bodyguard for a start. I swear that for the best part of the show I was holding my breath. Brilliant programme, and can we all agree that Richard Madden is rather sexy.


Killing Eve, another fantastic show from the BBC. My husband was nearly going to watch it without me, and thank goodness he didn’t. Gripping show, with many moments of dark humour, and bloody brilliant acting from the two leading ladies.

Killing Eve

We have also watched Press, The Good Place is back on Netflix, and we are also loving The Apprentice too. Can’t you tell it’s Autumn when all we want to do is curl up on the sofa and watch television.


Lots of rock music coming from the teen’s bedroom. We got him a Bose speaker for his 16th birthday in August, and he has been putting it to good use. Thankfully he likes all kinds of rock music, so at least I have heard of some of the songs. Teenagers eh….


I honestly can’t think of a single thing I have made this month.


I am trying to get out of my comfort zone of jeans at this time of year, as I love the idea of wearing dresses teamed with boots. I ordered this dress from Marks and Spencer, and in true Tracey fashion it is still hanging on my wardrobe door. I promise I will wear it SOON.

Marks and Spencer Dress

And lastly

We have just finished our half term here in Cheshire, and I am looking forward to some routine this coming week. Plus I am itching to get back to my swimming routine, and even though it’s November this coming week, I will still be swimming in the outdoor pool. Have a great month x


20 thoughts on “Little Loves – Brilliant Television, Reading and Autumn Dresses”

  1. You swim outdoors in November? I hope that pool is heated! I love that dress, definitely one of my favourites, it looks lovely on. I loved Killing Eve and Bodyguard. I never usually watch or read thrillers, but I’m hooked now. Have a great week x

    • Yes the pool is heated thankfully and you will even find me out there in January. Yes I am completely mad lol. I am completely the same. Never used to bother with thrillers but like you I am hooked with reading and watching them x

  2. Oh I completely agree, this time of year there is so much good tv to choose from! I loved Killing Eve and just annoyed that I watched the whole thing so quickly. x

    • It was such a compelling watch and nothing like anything we have seen before. Thank goodness they are making a second series x

  3. The BBC have nailed it this autumn with TV, so many good things to watch! I am loving Killing Eve! I adore that M&S dress, its lovely. I have Little Fires Everywhere and I See You on my book pile to read! Hope you have a wonderful month ahead. Popping over from LittleLoves

    • I really loved I See you and looking forward to starting Little Fires Everywhere. Argh far too many good books and good TV to watch at the moment. We need at least a week of no work and house chores to catch up on everything lol x

  4. I can’t wait to go swimming tommorow although I did manage yoga last week. I so need to watch killing Eve it looks amazing. OMG the Bodyguard was incredible wasn’t it? Thanks goodness you love the teens music, I got in Jack car the other day and he was playing grime it was hideous x

    • Sarah I am pretty sure you will love Killing Eve, I was hooked on it. It is so nice to get back to swimming and some me time, and OMG Grime sounds pretty horrendous lol x

  5. You need to wear that dress, is gorgeous! Like you say it will be perfect with boots.
    I’ve read “I see you”, it’s a great book, it’s made me want to read some other Clare Mackintosh books.
    I can’t believe you swim outdoors at this time of the year!

    • I am definitely crazy for swimming outside in November but I love it. You will also find me out there in January too lol. Still not worn the dress, I really need an occasion to wear it x

  6. That dress is gorgeous – you need to wear it! We loved Bodyguard too (and I completely agree, Richard Madden is rather sexy!). I’ve yet to watch Killing Eve, but now you’ve mentioned your husband loving it too – I might wait for mine to watch it together? We love The Apprentice too! I’ve got Little Fires Everywhere on my shelf, read Everything I Never Told You this month and LOVED it xx

    • My hubby thought I wouldn’t be interested in watching Killing Eve as was going to watch it by himself. How wrong he was as I loved it, and glad we watched it together. Too much good TV at the moment. Not heard of Everything I Never Told You so will look out for this x

  7. I absolutely loved I See You. Have you read I Let You Go? It’s even better! How was Little Fires Everywhere? I’ve heard mixed reviews about that. I loved Bodyguard and think we need to look out for Killing Eve. I’m out of the habit of watching TV again. This is the first time in years that I haven’t got into The Apprentice. I’ve either missed episodes completely or fallen asleep in them!
    Hope you’re enjoying your peace and your swimming now that the kids are back at school.

    • Not read I let you go but will definitely look out for it in Charity shops. Not started Little Fires Everywhere but will let you know when I have finished it. We watched the first episode of The Apprentice with the kids but they have given up with it now. We have just been catching up with it on the iPlayer without them x

  8. I agree the TV shows at this time of year are always so good. I think they know that there will be more time spent at home. We loved Bodyguard but haven’t watched Killing Eve as yet. Good to see you back doing a weekly round up

    • Aw thank you KA. Probably won’t be here every week but it was nice to get back to writing my LL post. Killing Eve is brilliant, and it’s one of those shows that I thought I wouldn’t like x

  9. Sounds like you’ve had a very entertaining October Tracey, with all those bargain books! I agree that autumn does produce some fabulous TV – we have been spoilt for choice! xx


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