The educational benefits of a day trip to Brighton

Looking for things you can do with the kids during the summer holidays? With six whole weeks to try and keep them entertained, it can be difficult coming up with new and exciting ideas. One great idea you might want to consider, is heading off on a day trip.

There are lots of great places you can go for the day with the kids. If you’re looking to enjoy a family-friendly, beach style getaway, Brighton is a great option. Not only does it offer a great seaside experience, but it can also be educational too. Here, we’ll look at just some of the educational benefits of taking a day trip to Brighton.

Teach them about marine life at the Sea Life centre

Most kids love to learn about animals, so what better educational experience than to take them to the Brighton Sea Life Centre. Considered one of the top family attractions in the city, there are more than 150 different sea creatures for you to see. There are lots of great exhibitions to enjoy, and you’ll even get to experience the first ever glass-bottom boat in the UK.

Take in a little culture at the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

If you want an activity that’s going to be really educational, a trip to the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery is highly recommended. You don’t need a huge budget for this idea either. You’ll find the train directly from London Bridge to Brighton is surprisingly affordable. The museum isn’t free, but it does offer really cheap admission costs to make it affordable for families.

It is set within the grounds of the Royal Pavilion, and you’ll get to see everything from art and fashion exhibits to ancient Egyptian mummies. You’ll find there are family sessions hosted regularly throughout the holidays too.

Take a trip to the old police cells

A more unique yet educational activity in Brighton, is the old police cells. It’s worth noting this is an activity with older kids in mind. This is because it features police memorabilia with stories of gruesome crimes which have occurred. It’s sure to delight older kids.

These are just a small selection of educational activities in Brighton. You and the kids are sure to have a fantastic day if you visit this seaside city during the holidays. You could even find time to relax on the beach before heading home.

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