A day in York

York Minster

*Collaborative post*

York is a city that has something for everyone: historic sites, an abundance of attractions, and plenty of festivals and events to keep the whole family entertained.

It’s a place where the past seamlessly combines with the present.Continue reading

Getting Festive in London

Getting Festive in London

This is a collaborative post 

Have you seen them? Those little glimpses that it’s coming. You might have noticed the tins of Roses and Quality Street, suddenly popping up when you walk in the supermarket.… Continue reading

How to spend your day in London

A day in London

London is a brilliant city to visit, and it’s full of things to do for the whole family. There’s an endless list of museums, parks and other tourist attractions to entertain the family, and you’ll never be lost for something to do.… Continue reading

The Blackpool Tower Eye Experience

travelling for the first time

On Sunday as we were driving along the M55 into Blackpool, we played the usual game of ‘who can spot The Tower’ first. A few hours later and we were at the top of The Blackpool Tower, seeing who would be brave enough to stand on the Blackpool Tower glass floor. … Continue reading

Family days out when you have teenagers

Family days out when you have teenagers

I have lost count of how many times I have suggested a nice family day out, only to be met with a ‘Kevin and Perry’ moment from the teen. And of course our days out as a family are getting few and far between, as both children spend more time with their friends.… Continue reading