Our trip to London 31.05.14

Yesterday we went down to London for a day out with the kids. I booked the train tickets back in May (thanks to Virgin Trains sale) and paid £57.00 for the 4 of us return. This would be our third visit down to the capital, and my sons fourth visit as he went with school in April. The main reason we usually visit London is to go to the Merlin Attractions, thanks to our annual pass.


Saturday morning was a VERY early start. We got up around 5.30am to ensure we were on the 7.00am train we had booked. Walking into the station I could not believe how busy it was !! Is this what normal people get up to when we are usually in bed at this hour on the weekend. Train journey was great, and in less than 2 hours we were pulling into London. We then purchased an all day tube ticket which cost £25.00 (children are free) and our first of many tube journeys began. The previous 2 times we have visited have been on a Sunday, and I must admit Saturday seemed so much busier. Thankfully the kids know the ‘tube etiquette’ getting on as fast as you can…. standing to the right on the escalators…. putting your ticket in quickly…. and no doubt many more that we are yet to learn !


Our first stop was Madame Tuassards and we arrived at 9.30am. Could not believe the amount of people queuing even at this early time. We joined the Merlin Pass and Pre Booked queue, which to be honest was huge and took us about 25 minutes to get in. I like Madame Tuassards but it gets very busy, and taking pictures with the waxworks is tricky with the throngs of people. However we all enjoyed it, and the highlight is the Taxi Ride at the end and then the 4d Marvel Cinema which is excellent.


Back out into the sunshine and back on another tube and onto the London Eye. Again we were met with half of London queuing for the Eye. We asked a member of staff where we go as we have passes, as last time we went straight on. Not this time as Merlin has changed the rules and he pointed at a queue which was around an hour long. Great…. so I spend over £300 on passes and Merlin expects me to wait in a huge queue for a ticket we do not need. The member of staff could sense my increasing anger, and what he did next went well beyond his job and I applaud him for this. Instead of saying well that is just how it is, he took us over to the very front of the London Eye queue and got us on the next capsule !!! I could have kissed him. What fantastic customer service. Merlin take note !!!


After an enjoyable ride and lots of photos later, we were back on the ground and headed to the nearby park area where we had our picnic. It was lovely to sit down and enjoy the sunshine, and afterwards we had a wander around and watched the street entertainment by the South Bank. Husband and son then went to the London Dungeon, and me and daughter went back to the park.


Soon it was 4pm and time for another tube journey over to the Rainforest Café. I was really excited about this. We have been to the Rainforest Café in Orlando and loved it. I am going to do a full review of our visit so will leave it there. After a wander around Piccadilly Circus, it was time for our final tube journey back to Euston in time for the 7.00pm train back home to the North.

Arrived home at 9.30pm and after a quick shower to wash the ‘tube grime’ away it was time for bed. What a great day we all had.






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