New Fun Factory at The Twirl of Hay in Chester

New Fun Factory at The Twirl of Hay in Chester

On Sunday I was invited to a local Brewers Fayre restaurant to celebrate the opening of their new Fun Factory. We have dined at Brewers Fayre many times, but had never visited the Twirl of Hay restaurant which is in Chester. As with most Brewers Fayre the restaurant was located next to a Premier Inn. We were welcomed into the restaurant by none other than Dennis the Menace. After the obligatory photos with him, we were shown through to the Fun Factory which is at the back of the restaurant.

The play area has undergone a refurbishment with the new Beano theming throughout.  You will also find the characters across the children’s menus and also in ‘The Den’ where kids parties can be arranged. I was really impressed with the whole area, and the theming really appeals to both boys and girls. There was a large soft play area, and I honestly thought my soft play days were over having a 9 and 12 year old. But my 9 year old and her friend spent the best part of 3 hours in there ! I liked that all ages had been thought of as there is a separate toddler section, toddler play cars (that my 9 year old nearly got stuck in lol) and also baby walkers.

There are plenty of tables and chairs in the soft play, and there were a good range of drinks and snacks for both children and parents. Well a visit to a soft play wouldn’t be complete without a huge coffee and slice of cake. The opening times seemed reasonable with it being open till 8pm (Sunday – Thursday) and 9pm on a Friday and Saturday. As well as playing the children had their face painted and went in The Den for arts and crafts.

I would not hesitate to recommend the brand new Beano Fun Factory. The décor is fresh, appealing and great for children and adults alike.

We were also treated to a 2 course meal which everyone enjoyed. Thank you to Brewers Fayre for inviting myself and my friend and our 4 children. We had a lovely few hours at The Twirl of Hay. 

Our food choices at The Twirl of Hay in Chester

Our food choices at The Twirl of Hay in Chester

5 Thoughts on “Having fun at The Brewers Fayre Twirl of Hay in Chester

  1. Sounds like a funny time. X

  2. We did have a great time I must admit. I was shocked that the girls spent that much time in the soft play. Obviously the tween was transfixed to his media device lol xx

  3. It was our first visit but I was definitely impressed with how clean it was x

  4. travelingchristie on July 6, 2015 at 7:49 pm said:

    Tracey it looks fab, kids love a character don’t they x

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