A few weeks ago we decided to spruce up our bathroom. We fitted our bathroom about 10 years ago, and to be honest it was just starting to look a little tired. Husband spent the best part of a day, scraping off the mould on the ceiling and repainting it. Whilst he was working hard, I got the fun job of looking around for new bathroom accessories, and of course making him cups of tea.

I started dreaming of a completely new bathroom. We have a beige bathroom suite, but I would love a shiny new white bathroom which seem to be all the rage at the moment. Complete with gorgeous new shiny white tiles. I found myself on the website and was amazed at the different suites you can now get. Bathrooms have certainly improved since we last purchased one.

I love the shape and design of the bath in this collection. And how gorgeous are those tiles.

Bathroom 1

And freestanding baths just scream out luxury to me. We probably don’t have the room in our bathroom for a freestanding bath, but a girl can always dream.


If we ever went for a complete remodel of our bathroom, I would seriously consider getting rid of our bath. I must have about 2 baths a year, as I love a shower in the morning. The kids are getting older and are having less baths now, both preferring to shower. I would love a corner shower unit.

Bathroom 2

And then whilst I was dreaming of a shiny new bathroom, my thoughts turned to our downstairs toilet. A fairly boring but functional space. And my mind went into overdrive as to how our boring space could be turned into something so shiny and inviting.


Bathroom 3

I think in a few years it will be time to invest in a new bathroom suite. I love the vast range have, and I will be certain to revisit them when the time is right. But in the meantime, I am really pleased with our shiny bathroom after the husbands hard work.






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