Dreaming of a new bathroom with Bathrooms.com


A few weeks ago we decided to spruce up our bathroom. We fitted our bathroom about 10 years ago, and to be honest it was just starting to look a little tired. Husband spent the best part of a day, scraping off the mould on the ceiling and repainting it. Whilst he was working hard, I got the fun job of looking around for new bathroom accessories, and of course making him cups of tea.

I started dreaming of a completely new bathroom. We have a beige bathroom suite, but I would love a shiny new white bathroom which seem to be all the rage at the moment. Complete with gorgeous new shiny white tiles. I found myself on the bathrooms.com website and was amazed at the different suites you can now get. Bathrooms have certainly improved since we last purchased one.

I love the shape and design of the bath in this collection. And how gorgeous are those tiles.

Bathroom 1

And freestanding baths just scream out luxury to me. We probably don’t have the room in our bathroom for a freestanding bath, but a girl can always dream.


If we ever went for a complete remodel of our bathroom, I would seriously consider getting rid of our bath. I must have about 2 baths a year, as I love a shower in the morning. The kids are getting older and are having less baths now, both preferring to shower. I would love a corner shower unit.

Bathroom 2

And then whilst I was dreaming of a shiny new bathroom, my thoughts turned to our downstairs toilet. A fairly boring but functional space. And my mind went into overdrive as to how our boring space could be turned into something so shiny and inviting.


Bathroom 3

I think in a few years it will be time to invest in a new bathroom suite. I love the vast range bathrooms.com have, and I will be certain to revisit them when the time is right. But in the meantime, I am really pleased with our shiny bathroom after the husbands hard work.






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16 thoughts on “Dreaming of a new bathroom with Bathrooms.com”

  1. The spruce up looks fab Tracey, it is such a huge job isn’t it? We need to do our upstairs bathroom, but it is such an awkward shape we just don’t know what to do, I need someone to design it for me ha ha x

    • Thanks Sarah. Oooooo yes that would be lovely to have someone come and design it for you. I was getting to really dislike ours, but hubby has worked wonders. And the spruce up cost us less than £100 so a winner xx

  2. Ahhh he has been busy and it looks great – sometimes you don’t need to spend a lot to make changes. I must admit though I LOVE how clean and fresh our brand new bathrooms are as the old house they were feeling tired. No matter how much cleaning I did. Love a nice new look and clean tiles xx

    • Thanks Jess. Considering how much he hates DIY he really did a great job. I can go back to relaxing in it now rather than hating it. I can imagine how shiny your new bathrooms are xx

  3. It’s looking great! I love that shower curtain design! 🙂 We’re renting so can’t do much but I always enter new bathroom competitions – if I won I’m sure the landlord would be happy to have it done up for free… Lol. #HomeEtc

    • Thank you. The shower curtain was from Wilks and was only around £7. Its a fabric one so great for popping in the washing machine. Love that you enter bathroom competitions. Good luck x

  4. It’s always nice to have a new bathroom suite – and I agree with you white is the way to go. So stylish and classic and modern too, but even then it’s not so simple as there’s still so much choice! I think to redo a bathroom sadly needs cash so it’s worth waiting until you can have what you want and do some snazzy revamps like you’ve done until then. 🙂 #homeetc

    • Thank you for your comment Stephanie. I totally agree that you need the money to completely redo the bathroom. There have been some gorgeous new bathrooms recently in the blogging world. Serious bathroom envy x

  5. Oooh well done to the husband and all for £100 too – well done you. It’s great having a nice spruce up and buying all new accessories isn’t it. It makes the space seem all brand new, fresh and clean again.
    Loving all your ideas and as you say there’s such a vast range out there these days.
    Lovely home-y post Tracey xxx

    • Ah thanks Sammy. Whilst hubby hates doing DIY he definitely did me proud with the bathroom. And yes I get the best job of buying new accessories. Well I had to have new towels and a toothbrush holder lol x

  6. I too would love a freestanding bath, I think they cry out luxury as well but sadly our bathroom is just too small. We’re currently redecorating our bathroom, with the husband doing it all himself, so it’s a long process for us! I do like your spruce up, good job!

    • Thanks Rachel. Good luck to your hubby for doing your bathroom. Hope its not too long a job for him. Bet you cannot wait for it to be all finished xx

  7. Well done on the excellent “autumn clean”, it’s always good if you can clean up the grout and tiles and do a bit of painting. We did exactly that when we bought our house a couple of years ago and gave the en-suite a really good clean up which made so much difference. Similarly to you we’re not planning huge updates soon but I’ll definitely be checking out this website when we do. I really love those tiles in the top piccie! X #HomeEtc

    • I agree that the tiles are gorgeous. Yes just doing a huge ‘deep clean’ and repainting the radiator and ceiling has made a huge difference. I actually want to go in there for a relaxing bath now xx

  8. Oooh I LOVE a home makeover!! Especially bathrooms and kitchens!! There’s SO much choice these days isn’t there?! I absolutely LOVE the patterned flooring in the 5th pic!! I’d absolutely love those in my bathroom! Great ideas pet 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with us! #HomeEtc


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