Dealing with Migraines with Kool n Soothe

I have been suffering with migraines on and off for the past 10 years. Thankfully I had a few years of being migraine free, but in the past 6 months they have returned. Migraines are so debilitating, and can affect people in different ways. I tend to get severe pain with nausea, and unfortunately no medication seems to help.


The only relief I get from my migraine is using Kool n Soothe. Kool n Soothe is a fantastic product, and over the years I must have gone through boxes of them. So I was pleased when Kool n Soothe kindly sent me some samples. Kool n Soothe is a gel strip that provides an instant cooling relief when attached to your forehead. When you are experiencing such immense pain, the Kool n Soothe really does help. I have no idea how the gel strip stays cold for up to 8 hours, but it really does. I am sure there is some science involved.

The good thing is that the strips stay attached to your head. Just remember you are wearing one, as I made the mistake of opening the door once with one on my head. Not a good look. They also do a childrens version too, and I have used them when the kids have been running a temperature.


I always recommend Kool n Soothe to anyone suffering with migraines. And as they are non medicinal they are safe to use when pregnant. You can purchase them from most leading supermarkets and chemists.

Thank you to Kool n Soothe for supplying me with some samples. The irony is when they arrived by courier, I was actually experiencing a migraine so they were very gratefully received.

8 thoughts on “Dealing with Migraines with Kool n Soothe”

    • I suppose they would work just as well having a headache rather than a full blown migraine. Perfect for hot flushes too (not that I get those yet, but I am sure I will) xx

  1. I always have the children’s ones in for fever but had no clue they could be used for migraine/ headache ! I’ll definitely reach for these before tablets in future!

    • I found they soothe my migraine where tablets don’t even touch it. Its horrible suffering with headaches but these really do help x

    • They are definitely soothing. I suppose you could even use them on a really hot day to cool down. Not that we get many scorching days in this country x


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