January blues – Not in our house

It’s the last day of January, and it seems that the majority of people on social media are glad to see the back of the first month of the year. January is usually filled with grey and rainy days, our bank balances are feeling the pinch after Christmas, and our clothes are feeling tighter.  But I am in the minority. I absolutely LOVE January, and I always feel sad when the month comes to an end. It’s one of my favourite months for 2 reasons.

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It’s my birthday right in the middle of January. Even though I have just turned 42, I still act like a small child and get really excited for my birthday.

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It’s our daughters birthday, and this year her birthday was on Blue Monday. Blue Monday is meant to be the most depressing day of the year. Well try telling that to a 10 year old who has just woken up at Centerparcs, opened her presents and realises she is off to see Little Mix in April.

And with our 2 birthdays come celebrations which only add to the excitement of January. The main celebration being our recent trip to Centerparcs. And that’s not our only trip away this month. Husband and I have just returned from a night away in a hotel, where we ate, drank and chilled out in the Spa.

I have also had 2 meals out with friends, another night out with the husband and not 1 but 2 new Pandora charms, thanks to my husband and one of my loveliest friends.

So yes I am really sad to say goodbye to January, as I am every year. Of course it has been tinged with sadness as some really high profile stars have left us. But tonight I will sit here, with a glass of wine, and remember the memories we have made this month. Onwards and upwards to a very frugal February.

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4 thoughts on “January blues – Not in our house”

    • Thank you Rachel, I had a wonderful day as I was travelling up to Center Parcs for the weekend. Aw sorry to hear January was pretty pants for you. Hope February is simply fabulous for you x

    • Our birthdays were fantastic thank you. The pink charm is the first colour one I have been given and I adore it as one of my close friends gave it to me. We are still spring chickens at 42 and 43, well that is what I tell myself anyway xx


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