Well this week has been all about putting all the birthday gifts and toys away, and having a little sort out. I started with our bedroom and managed a huge bag for charity plus some bits for eBaying. I love a good declutter session, and plan to go through the house in the coming weeks. I am a woman on a mission.


I am still reading my Sweet Temptation book ( I WILL finish it this week). I have also been having a read through of the new Slimming World magazine. The gorgeous looking Salted Caramel and Coffee Cheesecake certainly caught my eye. How an earth can something that yummy be Slimming World friendly.

Slimming World Magazine

Slimming World Magazine


I always struggle with this section as we don’t seem to watch much television. Hubby and I have such different tastes when it comes to programmes and films. Our Netflix nights consist of scrolling through for about 30 minutes, then giving up as we just can’t decide what to watch. Celebrity Big Brother has sucked me in this year though. How many arguments has there been this year.


The 10 year old introduced me to Shawn Mendes and his fab song Stitches. God I am THAT mum now, who has no idea who is in the charts, and the kids know more than me. I love the song and it seems to be constantly on the radio or music channels at the moment.


After having a fairly indulgent birthday where far too much birthday cake and Prosecco was consumed, it was back to healthy eating. The husband made this quick and easy stir fry one evening. I forgot how tasty stir fry is, and the kids only mildly complained about it having ‘too much green stuff’ in it.

Slimming World Stir Fry



My aim for this week was to wear my Pandora more. I was lucky to get 2 more charms for my birthday, one from my husband, and the one below from a close friend.  I was incredibly touched when I opened it, and it really adds a little colour to my otherwise silver bracelet.


And lastly

We have a sneaky little night away planned tomorrow, just me and the husband. It was a birthday treat from him, and really looking forward to going away just the two of us. Have a great week x