Little Loves – Amsterdam, Pneumonia and a Birthday

I totally failed in writing my Little Loves post for the month of July, but one word sums up why I didn’t get around to it…. Pneumonia. I have been poorly for around two months now, and spent a full week in hospital during August. But I’m going to try really hard not to dwell on that, and instead focus on the positives that came out of the summer holidays.


I am still keeping up with my target of reading two books a month, though I actually thought I would double it in August with being in hospital. But I got really stuck reading Nine Perfect Strangers. I had heard really mixed reviews before I started it, and sadly I am in the negative camp. Don’t be put off by any other books by Lianne Moriarty, as the previous ones I have read have been fantastic.

Books I read in August

In complete contrast I found The Cactus an easy read. I had read a few reviews comparing it to Eleanor Oliphant in some ways, and I guess it was. An enjoyable read whilst you are stuck in hospital with your feet up.


We have been watching Good Girls on Netflix which is brilliant. It starts off with three Moms deciding to rob a local grocery store, and kind of grows from there. It has drama, comedy, crime and brilliant acting.

Good Girls - Netflix


Everybody singing Happy Birthday to my 17 year old in the Hard Rock Cafe in Amsterdam. Yes, we went to Amsterdam to celebrate the teen’s birthday, and what a time we had. He hates having his photo taken now, so instead here is my beer. The Hard Rock Cafe really looked after us, and what a place to celebrate in the Dam.

Hard Rock Cafe Amsterdam


We ‘MADE’ it to Amsterdam. Seriously there were times when I thought we would have to cancel our trip, and after getting out of hospital on the Sunday afternoon, we were on the flight at 7am on the Tuesday. We might have had to change our plans around, and rely heavily on the trams, as I couldn’t walk far without getting out of breath, but we made it.

EasyJet Flight - Amsterdam

We stayed in the beautiful Mercure hotel just outside the city, and we had an amazing three days with the kids. We explored, we did a canal cruise, Katie and Hywel went on a VERY BIG swing, we ate pizza, indulged in pancakes, and I was very grateful that the Doctors let me travel.

Amsterdam - Canals

ADAM Lookout - Amsterdam

Husband and daughter in Amsterdam

Pancakes in Amsterdam


An oxygen mask was my ‘must wear accessory for summer’. It’s crazy to think that we just take breathing for granted, and when that poses a problem we have to rely on oxygen. I have never been on oxygen before, and it was strange being hooked up to it for the full week. But looking on the positive side, my skin felt amazing when I left hospital. Every silver cloud eh.

Oxygen Mask

And lastly

I have been blogging for SIX YEARS on the 7th September, and I can’t believe it’s my little blog’s birthday. The past six years have absolutely flown by, and I still love blogging just as much as when I started out. I have met so many people through blogging that I am proud to call my friends, and if you’ve ever read, commented, supported me over the past six years…. THANK YOU xx

14 thoughts on “Little Loves – Amsterdam, Pneumonia and a Birthday”

    • Ahhh I love that you inspired me to start Sarah and that we have become ‘real life’ friends. Our twitter chats kept me smiling throughout the week I was in hospital x

    • I am getting there slowly which is very frustrating having to take it easy. So glad we got to go, as I would have been SO disappointed if we didn’t get there considering it was Morgan’s birthday x

  1. Oh Tracey I hope you are on the mend! I have had pneumonia too! It will take you weeks to recover properly! I wish you well you sound like you are getting better! Happy blog birthday wish you well xx

    • It’s crazy how many people have said they suffered with it too, and sorry to hear you are one of them as well. I have just started my third lot of steroids so it is taking it’s time to get back to being 100%, but I will get there x

  2. Sorry to hear you had to have oxygen mask. Sending love. I am reading nine perfect stranger right now. Wow you packed so much in girl. Happy blog birthday it’s almost to the very same day as mine.

    • Ah happy blog birthday back to you Jenny. Yes what do you think of Nine Perfect Strangers ? I really wanted to love it, but just couldn’t unfortunately. The oxygen mask was certainly something I didn’t plan on wearing for nearly a week over the summer x

  3. Well done for concentrating on the positives, Tracey. I know that August has been a pretty awful month for you but that’s why I love this monthly round up – my ‘go to’ is often moaning and this helps to distract me! Loved hearing about your trip to the ‘Dam and I like the sound of that book, Cactus. And also Good Girls – sounds right up my street 🙂

    • Yes I definitely had to dig deep this month, but looking back there were certainly some good moments mixed in with the crap. Good Girls is getting better and better, and the best bit is that the husband loves it too. Definitely give it a go Suzanne x

    • Thank you Laura, I would have been so disappointed to miss out on our trip, especially as we were going to celebrate the teen turning 17 x

    • Still struggling to be honest, and just started my third lot of steroids. Fingers crossed I get better soon. To be honest I had the same thoughts about Amsterdam, but there is SO much more to the city. We fell in love with it when we first went in May, and then took the kids in the summer. Really fancy going back for the Christmas markets too x


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