(Review) Escape Lounge at T1 Manchester Airport

We were kindly invited to review the Escape Lounge at Terminal One Manchester Airport, when we flew to Amsterdam during the summer holidays. It was also a very special day as our eldest was turning 17, and we had kept our lounge booking a secret until we had got through security.

Where is the Escape Lounge at T1 Manchester

Once you get through security you need to follow the signs for the ‘lounges’ which can be found on the upper floor. We used the lift as I was using the airports wheelchair assistance, having just come out of hospital two days before. The airport lounges are in the same vicinity, and we quickly found the Escape Lounge and were booked in by the two lovely ladies who were on reception.

The seating in the Escape Lounge

We were shown to our reserved table right by the entrance of the lounge, which was quiet, comfortable, and next to those all important plug sockets that the kids soon claimed. The lounge was a good size, but sadly there are no windows looking out over the runway. I think the lounges on the opposite side have the runway views. I was really impressed with the different styles of seating available which would suit all travellers.

Escape Lounge seating at Manchester T1

Escape Lounge at T1 Manchester Airport

Escape Lounge T1 Manchester Airport

The food and drink on offer in the Escape Lounge

We arrived at the lounge at 5.30am so we sampled their breakfast food, and I was pleasantly surprised with the choice on offer. There was a good selection of hot food, cereals, toast and pastry products, fruit, hot and soft drinks, and also a fully stocked bar. It would have been rude not to indulge in a few gin and tonics, airports are one of the few places you can get away with having an alcoholic drink at 5.30 in the morning.

The bar at Escape Lounge T1 Manchester Airport

Gin and Tonic in the Escape Lounge T1 Manchester

Breakfast at Escape Lounge T1 Manchester Airport

The food at Escape Lounge T1 Manchester

Soft drinks at Escape Lounge

How long can you use the Escape Lounge for

Our table was booked for 3 hours prior to our 7am flight, and due to a long wait through security, we were only in the lounge for just over an hour. I would definitely factor this in if you are travelling during peak times, and adjust your plans accordingly to get the most from your lounge experience. We did have a lovely relaxing hour in the lounge, and it was nice to start off the birthday celebrations in style.

Escape Lounge T1 Manchester Airport

The facilities in the Escape Lounge

The toilets are just outside the Escape Lounge, as they seemed to be shared with the other airport lounges. They were clean and tidy when I used them, and despite being small there was no queue when I used them.

There are plugs located around the lounge, and we were lucky that we were seated next to one. They must have known we were coming with teenagers.

There was complimentary wifi and there were no complaints from the teens in the family.

Around the lounge are the all important departure boards, so you can keep an eye on your flight.

There were plenty of books, magazines and newspapers for use in the lounge.

The cost of the Escape Lounge

I would recommend booking the Escape Lounge in advance, and the typical price you would pay is £26 for an adult and £20 for a child under 18 (these prices are from 2019 so please check the website for the current prices)

Would we use the Escape Lounge again

Yes, as it was a much quieter experience than being in the main hub of the departure lounge. We would definitely factor in more time getting through security though, so as to maximise the time in the lounge. It was certainly a good start to our summer holiday, and a great way to celebrate our teen’s 17th birthday. Next stop Amsterdam.

easyJet flight to Amsterdam

Thank you to the Escape Lounge for arranging our complimentary visit for the purpose of this review 

6 thoughts on “(Review) Escape Lounge at T1 Manchester Airport”

  1. I do love a lounge! I think we’ve used them twice and I have very fond memories of them. There’s just so much space and everything feels calmer, plus it’s great to have all the food and drink you want. It’s a shame you didn’t get more time in there. I know my eldest would have been disappointed that he couldn’t see the planes and would probably prefer not to use the lounge for that reason, despite the free food and drink! x

    • It was certainly a lot less calmer being in the lounge and it was lovely and quiet at 5,30am. Such a difference than trying to find a space in the departure lounge which seemed crazily busy when we walked through.

  2. I think airport lounges are great as they give you a more relaxing experience before flying. The food looks nice, I would definitely take full advantage. It’s a shame there wasn’t a runway view as I think that’s an exciting part of the airport experience.

    • I forgot how lovely and relaxing they are as we have only used them once in the past when we went to Florida. The variety of food was really good and of course the teenagers stocked up before the flight x

    • It was lovely to chill out in the lounge as the main airport was really busy as it was peak season. We definitely had our monies worth with the drink and food (especially with two hungry teenagers) x


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