Little Loves – Afternoon Tea, Football and Summer Holiday plans

Well the past week seems to have flown by. Katie had a fantastic time at cub camp, husband and I managed a ‘date day’ in New Brighton, and husband and son took part in a local downhill run. I was so proud of them as husband came 8th, and son finished 56th in his very first race. Huge well done boys.


I have got back into reading this week, and I am half way through The House Husband by Owen Whittaker. It follows the story of Andy and his mishaps of being at home with his 2 children. It has lots of laugh out loud moments, plenty of swearing, and above all is a fantastic light hearted read. Which is just what you need sometimes at the end of the day.


Our television seems to be dominated by football or Big Brother at the moment. It was a huge night for my husband on Wednesday as he watched his beloved Wales in the semi final. Sadly it was not the result he wanted, but my god they did everyone proud. And judging by my social media it seemed everybody was behind Wales.

After having a break from Big Brother for the past few years, we are hooked on this series. I do hate the fact that most of the housemates are just not ‘normal’ people, and most have already been in the media spotlight. Who can forget the innocence of the very first show with Craig and Nasty Nick way back in 1999.


Lots of chatter between my Mum and I as I treated her to afternoon tea at a local garden centre this week. It was lovely to catch up and even though my Mum lives less than 5 minutes away, sometimes we can go for a week without seeing each other. Oh and the afternoon tea was delicious, and a bargain at only £10 for the 2 of us.


Regular readers will know I am never going to produce anything remotely creative in this section. So my ‘Made’ section is all about making plans for the summer holidays. Up until the other day we had NOTHING planned for the holidays, which quite frankly horrifies me. As you know we love our holidays, but after taking 6 trips in the past 6 months I feel as though I don’t need a holiday at the moment.  Ask me again in 6 weeks and I am sure it will be a different story.

However when I saw that Virgin trains had a seat sale, I was straight on the website. We have never stayed in London overnight with the kids, and it is something we have wanted to do for ages. So I managed to book 4 return tickets for the bargain price of £60. Add to this a Premier Inn right by the London Eye for £79 and we have a fairly cheap night away with the kids. The picture below was taken on our last trip to London over 2 years ago, at the top of the London Eye.


My winter coat last Saturday. Yes you heard that right, I wore my big coat on a Saturday in July. Husband and I went to New Brighton and it was one of those days where it was freezing cold one minute, and glorious sunshine the next. Come on summer please sort yourself out.

And lastly

This is my final week of freedom before the teen breaks up for the summer this coming Friday, and Katie the following Wednesday. I shall cram as much ‘me time’ as I possibly can, and get stock piling the gin ready for the summer holidays. Have a great week x


8 thoughts on “Little Loves – Afternoon Tea, Football and Summer Holiday plans”

  1. Those London tickets are a bargain, I might book if there are any available still. well done guys on the run and it is such a shame about Wales but they didi amazing. But ah I nearly wept as how happy Ronaldo was to win although I had everything crossed for France x

    • I was so pleased that I managed to book the train tickets Sarah as we have been saying for ages about staying in London with the kids. I can’t wait to see London all lit up at night. I hope you manage to get some too. I think Hywel has just about got over the trauma of Wales losing last week, bless him x

  2. Oh I just love London so much and you can never get enough sight seeing. Hope it’s a lovely trip. It’s so nice to have a good catch up isn’t it, especially over lovely little cakes like those in your photo!

    • I am so excited about taking the kids and staying over Tas. I can’t wait to see London all lit up at night. And yes you cannot beat a good catch up over cakes can you x

  3. Oh, grr to winter coats in July! But yey for afternoon tea and trips to London! I’ve just persuaded my husband that we should go for afternoon tea on Sunday, perfect!

    • Yay for persuading your husband to go for afternoon tea. I LOVE afternoon tea and could go every week. Have a lovely time on Sunday x


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