Little Loves – Clarinets, Pinterest and a Suits Surprise

I usually write my Little Loves post sat in my blogging office, aka the dining room table. But this evening I am sat at David Lloyd whilst the husband watches the football. Being a Welshman he is trying very hard not to shout and occasionally swear, as his beloved country tries to reach the semi finals. In what has been a pretty ‘meh’ week all round with us leaving the EU, resignations galore and a broken washing machine, here are my little loves in amongst the chaos.

David Lloyd


I seem to be out of my routine of reading actual books, but I do try and keep on top of my blog reading and commenting. Katie told me she was going to challenge herself and read 3 books during the summer holidays, so I am going to do the same. Would love to hear your suggestions for any good books you have read recently.


You know you have a great husband when you head upstairs to bed one night and this is on your pillow.

Suits season 5

The one and only time I get to say Harvey was on my pillow lol.


On Tuesday evening we went to a ‘musical extravaganza’ to hear Katie play her clarinet. Her school year is part of a local Sound Start project, where they get to learn a musical instrument. At the end of the year around 8 schools come together for a concert in a local church. This very funky wall was in the reception area of the church.



I have been making an effort to use pinterest more, and have spent the last week organising my boards and pinning more content. The lovely Sarah from Extraordinary Chaos is a pinterest whizz, so when I am still pinning things at midnight I shall blame Sarah lol.


Another week another failed wore section.

And lastly

Katie is off to cub camp this weekend, and after being in cubs for 2 and a half years it will be her final camp. No doubt she will return on Sunday very unkempt, smelling of camp fire and very very tired.

Cub Camp




20 thoughts on “Little Loves – Clarinets, Pinterest and a Suits Surprise”

  1. Hope Katie has a great time at camp. My daughter went to the US military base at Rota in Spain for her camp when we lived there and loved every minute, coming back stuffed with e numbers from all the American food, covered in dirt and absolutely exhausted. Kind of makes me wish I was young again! That wall is fantastic, looks very funky for a church! Ha ha pinning used to have me up all night when Pinterest first came to the UK, these days I only ever seem to do it for clients at work. It’s so easy to get lost in it all isn’t it! Hope you’re having a great weekend x

    • She has come back today filthy, tired but has made lots of memories. The US military base camp sounds lots of fun too. Yes getting slightly addicted to pinterest now. Have a fab week x

    • It might be sooner than you think Donna as Katie first went to Beaver camp when she was 6. She has come back tired, filthy but has made many memories on her final cub camp x

  2. Little Man is due his first camp next year, I’ve promised to camp in the garden with him this summer to practice! Three books in the holidays is a great challenge, the current Richard and Judy book club The Last Act of Love by C. Rentzenbrink was an emotional read, sad but positive. My favourite read of the last year is A Man Called Ove by F. Backman

    • That is a fab idea to camp in the garden beforehand. I am sure he will love his first camp, and come home absolutely shattered but lots of memories made. Thank you for the recommendation. I will take a look at the Richard and Judy book club x

  3. Harvey *swoon*…….!!!! Yay! You’re the reason we love Suits too (thanks for the recommendation) glad you’re enjoying it again. Hope Katie enjoyed cub camp – I used to love going away with the Brownies when I was younger 🙂 xx

    • I knew you would love Suits Jess. Well how could you not love it when you have Harvey to look at. Katie loved her cub camp and came home shattered, filthy and with half of the forest in her hair lol x

  4. Ha ha I am no wiz I still have loads to learn but yes it is totally addictive. Well done Katie what a week and it was so great to see Wales do so well, it would be amazing to see them go all the way x

    • I am keeping everything crossed for Wales tomorrow and I know Hywel will be pacing up and down the living room, bless him. Aw Yes Katie has had a fab week thanks x

  5. I would love to have Harvey or Mike on my pillow… Love those wall decorations! I used to play Oboe at school and know how hard it is – well done Katie! Hope she had a great time at Cub Camp x

    • She had an amazing time thanks Steph and came home suitably tired and filthy. Yes I think Mike would come a close second to Harvey on my pillow too x

  6. How cool is that wall?
    I’m a bit (ok a lot) of a Pinterest addict, and can often be found pinning late into the night! Trying to use it for more promotional ways at the moment rather than just pinning pretty stuff that I have to have! xx

    • The wall is something I didn’t expect in a church, and I obviously had to take a picture of it. I am slowly getting my head around pinterest (I think) but I am sure there is so much I don’t even know about yet x

  7. Oh man Tracey so unbelievably jealous of season 5 right there… have you already started? I was thinking the other day it would be a nice little treat when baby is here to watch whilst feeding and stuff – will get onto Mr Smith, your hubs seems to have gift buying down ahha

    And I LOVE the clarinet, my choice of instrument though I didn’t do too great with it. Bet the concert was great. x

    • We have only watched one episode so far as we have got sucked into Big Brother at the moment. But oh my it was nice to see Harvey back on my television lol. You definitely need the DVD as a present Mary. I think it was only about £15 from Sainsburys. Concert was fab though Katie has a love hate affair with her clarinet lol x


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