Little Loves – Fathers Day, running and girlie chatter

I had every intention of writing this post yesterday morning, but unfortunately I spent most of the day in bed thanks to a migraine.  Thankfully it had disappeared this morning, and we have had a lovely day celebrating Fathers Day in New Brighton.

Happy Fathers Day


I finally finished The Patchwork Marriage by Jane Green, and I really must devote more time to reading. For some reason I have been sucked back into the world of Candy Crush, which has taken over my reading time.  My aim for this week is to get back to reading at bedtime, starting with The House Husband by Owen Whittaker.


I seem to have watched lots of people running this week. Tuesday saw the second to last sports day for the 10 year old, and miraculously we had no rain for the afternoon. Katie was overjoyed when the yellow team came first, the only time EVER she has been on the winning team.

Primary School Sports Day

And today was the turn of the husband. The kids and I drove to New Brighton on The Wirral, to watch Hywel finish the 10km tunnel run. He finished a very respectable 200th out of 3000 runners, with a time of  45 minutes and 19 seconds. And he sacrificed his Fathers Day lie in and breakfast in bed for it.

Liverpool Tunnel 10k


Lots of girlie chatter last weekend as one of my friends came up from Bristol. We headed to Chester on the Saturday for afternoon tea, and then carried on the chatting and drinking into the night. I love a good sociable weekend, and thanks to the football the husband didn’t miss me one bit.

Afternoon Tea


Handing over to Katie this week, as part of her silver award for cubs is to make a meal. She wanted to make Daddy a special dinner for Fathers Day, and well I wasn’t going to argue with that. She decided on tuna pasta bake, and whilst I did the difficult tasks of opening tins of sweetcorn, she pretty much did everything else herself.  Thank you Katie it was a huge success, and can you make tea every night please.

Making Dinner


Is it really bad that I can’t think of anything for this section…… I will try harder next time, I promise.

And lastly




14 thoughts on “Little Loves – Fathers Day, running and girlie chatter”

    • Thank you Lorraine, I was so proud of him especially the getting up at 6.30am and forfeiting his Fathers Day lie in, crazy husband x

  1. Well done to Katie and Hywel for their running – 200th out of 3000 is incredible! Love that you could have a day of girlie chat without your husband even noticing your absence! Well done to Katie on cooking the meal too. My younger son has got into cooking recently and it’s great. He really takes his time over it and does a very good job – a lot better than me! Good luck with reading more books! Reading is my absolute favourite thing to do.

    • Thank you Sarah, he said he wanted top 200 and he got it, just. Katie really enjoyed cooking us tea and insisted on doing everything including setting the table. Then Morgan stacked the dishwasher, which I could get used to. Hopefully she will want to do it more now x

    • I play Candy Crush to get out of the ironing lol…… No idea how I have been sucked back into it after playing it for a year. I blame my mum who still plays it x

  2. I really need to read more too, I have a list of books to work through and never seem to have or make time to do something thats so enjoyable! WHHHYYY???

    That afternoon tea looks amaze and your family are rather athletic. Glad you had a nice fathers day and sounds a great week, minus migranes! x

    • That made me lol about my family being athletic, that is definitely not me, but yes the husband loves his running. Afternoon tea was gorgeous and we were in a lovely quirky hotel in the middle of Chester x

    • Candy Crush is a great distraction for not doing the housework and ironing lol. The afternoon tea was amazing in a gorgeous quirky hotel in Chester x

  3. What a fantastic Little Loves post Tracey! So sorry for being so late in popping over to read and comment, I don’t know where the week has gone.
    A huge well done to Katie and your husband on their running, 200th out of 3000 is an amazing achievement.
    That afternoon tea looks delish, forget the sugar free thing, I could totally polish off one of those scones right about now!! xx

    • Aw thanks Morgana, I do love linking up even though I don’t do it every week. Sometimes I think my week has just not been interesting enough to post about lol. The afternoon tea was amazing, great company in a gorgeous quirky hotel in Chester x


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