Little Loves – Autumn tops, booking holidays and a girls night away

How has it been 3 weeks since I last joined in with Little Loves. Time seems to run away with me in the week, and it always takes me a few weeks to settle back into the routine of school. Getting used to packed lunches, school admin and ironing uniforms again. But thankfully no more school runs for me, as both children walk to high school. Here is a little look back at the past 3 weeks.

Little Loves


Reading lots of Trip Advisor reviews ahead of booking our summer holiday. Don’t get me wrong as I know some reviews you need to take with a pinch of salt, but I honestly think I could sit on Trip Advisor all day. Thankfully we have made our decision for our summer holiday, and we are off to Mexico. We have never booked so far in advance before (not even when we have been to Florida), but I saw a great deal and decided to go for it. I just need this countdown to hurry up.

Holiday Countdown


I always seem to be really behind with our television watching, and I think that’s down to not having the television to ourselves until after 10pm (damn you older kids and your later bedtimes). I need to catch up with Cold Feet, start watching Liar, plus we are halfway through season 6 of Suits. I had forgotten how good Suits was, and of course Harvey is just as dreamy.


Laughter and lots of chatter when I went on a girls weekend to Birmingham last week. I went with 3 close friends and it was great to catch up over delicious food, cocktails and of course gin. I love that we get the chance to escape the routine of family life and do this from time to time. And we couldn’t resist a selfie with a young Marco Pierre White after we dined in his restaurant.

Marco Pierre White


Absolutely nothing of interest.


I bought a few new tops for Autumn which I will no doubt wear with jeans and boots. They were only £10 and £14 from Asda and Sainsburys.

Autumn Tops

And Lastly

I was kindly sent some amazing body scrub from Malee which I have been using for the past few days. I knew the product was going to be luxurious from the packaging it arrived in, and as soon as I opened the box the amazing smell of mint, patchouli and citrus hit me. I have been using it in the shower and can already notice a difference in the softness of my skin. Plus as it has 100% natural ingredients, you know it’s going to be kind to your skin.  As it’s a luxurious product it would make a lovely Christmas present for somebody….. sorry I mentioned Christmas when we are still in September, but I know some of you like to be organised with buying presents.

Malee Online

Body Scrub


20 thoughts on “Little Loves – Autumn tops, booking holidays and a girls night away”

    • Thanks Beth, I love a patterned top with my jeans for the Autumn. I really need to start watching Liar, maybe tonight with a few gins of course x

    • We went for our honeymoon 16 years ago and we always said we would love to return with the kids. Thought I had better book it before Morgan leaves home lol x

  1. I’m not sure about Liar yet and we are 3 episodes in, I do only half watch things though so I might need to go back to the beginning again. Your weekend in Birmingham sounds fab although I did miss you at Blog On. Those tops are lovely, I love that you always wear such colours I’m a bot boring and stick to dark colours mostly. Have a great weekend x

    • Ah I really missed Blog on too and would have been lovely to spend the day with you. I am sure I will be there in May. We still need to catch up with Liar. Not enough hours in the day at the moment x

    • Thank you Stacey, I must admit I love getting some new bits and pieces ready for Autumn. I just need some chunky jumpers now x

  2. I’m so jealous of your trip to Mexico! That countdown would drive me mad though! I love the clothes in Asda and Sainsbury’s at the mo, I’ve bought a few gorgeous things in there lately. Ha ha it’s hell having older kids who are always up when you want to watch something, it drives me mad! Hope you’re having a good week x

    • It is rather a long countdown !!!! I need to stop looking as I swear it never moves. The supermarkets are great for buying clothes though I have just ordered some more tops from Asda, must stop looking lol x

    • I have never had a countdown so big before and yes I am patting myself on the back for being decisive (for once lol) x

  3. Loving those floral tops, what a great buy!
    I’m behind on my TV watching too, I need to catch up on Cold Feet and Liar.
    Sorry for commenting so late in the week, I honestly don’t know where the time has gone!! xx

    • Gosh don’t apologise Morgana. I am really loving Cold Feet again, and remember it from when it was first on. I still need to catch up with Liar x


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