Little Loves – Birthday celebrations, Big Little Lies and a new Pandora

Phew what a week that was. When you have 2 birthdays to celebrate in one week, it is always going to be filled with lots of fun. What I didn’t factor in was the husband getting the flu. Not even man flu, but the real deal which has seen him signed off work for over a week. It has been a real mixture of a week, but plenty of positives and birthday celebrations.

Little Loves


I got this book for my birthday and can’t wait to start reading it. This year I have set myself a challenge to push my boundaries and read books that I wouldn’t normally pick up. I usually go for chick lit books, nothing too heavy as I tend to read last thing at night. So if you have any recommendations that are a step up from chick lit, please let me know.

The couple next door book


After going out 4 nights this week I have not watched anything on TV, simply falling into bed at the end of the day. However I got these 2 beauties for my birthday (thanks husband). I have seen Bad Moms in the cinema and loved it, and Big Little Lies I read the book a few months ago.

Big Little Lies


Cough Cough Cough….. the joy of a poorly husband.


I am definitely the planner in our house, and I love making both my birthday and Katie’s birthday extra special. Well January always needs a sprinkling of cake, balloons and the chance to go out and celebrate with friends and family. Katie had a lovely 12th birthday being pampered at the hairdressers, followed by a meal with family. Then the following day she enjoyed a sleepover with her best friend. Birthdays are definitely for making memories in our house.

Happy Birthday Katie

Saks Hairdressers

12 years old


My beautiful new Pandora which I got from the Trafford Centre on my birthday. I LOVE it.

Pandora Rose Gold

And lastly

The birthday celebrations are done and dusted, and I must admit I am looking forward to a quieter week. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love mine and Katie’s birthdays being so close together, but I am officially all celebrated out. A night away, 3 birthday meals out with family, 1 meal out with friends, and a sleepover, I think I may hibernate for the next week. Have a good one x

Happy Birthday


18 thoughts on “Little Loves – Birthday celebrations, Big Little Lies and a new Pandora”

  1. Bookclub is a week on Sunday (28th) at 7:30 at the Queen’s Head if you’re looking to expand your reading material. We’re very democratic and don’t expect you to finish a book you hate?! You’d be very welcome!

    • We watched the first episode last night and I am already gripped (even with reading the book). We had a brilliant birthday week and I agree that January should be filled with birthdays and cake x

    • We have definitely seen far too much cake this month. Thank goodness the January diet is always postponed to February x

  2. Big Little Lies was so good! I didn’t read the book but wonder if there are many differences in the storyline with the adaptation… Have a fantastic week! xx

    • We watched the first episode last night and so far it follows the book. Even though I have read the book I was still gripped from the beginning x

    • We started watching it last night and I was gripped from the start. Poor hubby is still off poorly and he is hoping to go back in Friday. He is never ill so this has really knocked him off his feet x

  3. Oh no poor H, hope he is on the mend now! And happy Birthday to you and Katie I followed you all week and it looks like you had the best week. I haven’t seen bad moms yet but it looks so fab. Have a great week xx

    • Would you believe he is still off Sarah, it has really knocked him off his feet. Ah we did both have the best week, full of cake, family time and eating out. Have a great week too x

  4. Love your Pandora bracelet Tracey but Katie’s hair colour is just gorgeous & VERY SHINY! Great to see you both had a lovely birthday. Was hoping to hear hub is better but just saw above comment, hope he’s back to being well soon. x

    • Definitely hair goals !!!! Our birthdays were fab and we both had a great time celebrating. Yes hubby still off but he is hoping to go back in Friday x

  5. Happy belated birthday!
    I know just what you mean about being celebrated out, I think I need to nap through February after such a busy January!
    Hope your husbands feeling better now xx

    • Napping through February sounds a great idea, as I know you have had a busy month too. Unfortunately he is still off work but getting better each day x


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