Little Loves – Blog On, Freezer Teas and a Strange Week

I am so glad we have reached the weekend as this week has been all about ups and downs.  Last weekend was going well until we received a phone call to say my husband’s dad had been taken to hospital. It has been a worrying few days but thankfully he should be back home either today or tomorrow. As my inlaws live over 4 hours away, husband jumped on a train and spent a few days down in South Wales with his parents.


Baby at the Beach Cafe Book

I finally finished Girl on the Train. Whilst it is not my usual type of book, I really enjoyed it and will definitely be going to the cinema when it comes out. I was shocked when the husband said he wanted to read it after me, as we have very different tastes in fiction.

I have started to read ‘A Baby at the Beach Café’ by Lucy Diamond. It is a quick read book which my friend was giving away for the recent World Book Night. It is the third Lucy Diamond book I have read, and I am looking forward to finishing it this weekend.


I can’t think of anything worthwhile I have watched this week. I have recorded the new series of In the Club on BBC, and will be watching it tonight. I LOVED the last series and hope the follow up is just as good.

In the Club BBC


LOTS of chatter and laughter at BLOG ON MSI on Sunday. This was my second blogging conference and I loved every minute of it. The sessions were informative, the brands were lovely and it was a delight to meet up with blogging friends old and new.  I finally got to meet Sarah from Mum of Three World after chatting to her on twitter for around 3 years. I came back exhausted but full of ideas.  Of course the minute I stepped into the house my amazing goody bags were raided by the kids. Hands off the wine…… IT’S MINE.

Blog on goody bags


Eek nothing. Because of the strange week we have just had, too many freezer teas have been consumed. Back to cooking from scratch this week.


I treated myself to a new top for Blog on MSI which I wore with jeans and a long cardigan.

New Top

And lastly

This coming week sees Katie performing in her very first dance show at our local theatre, and a very special wedding anniversary. Have a great week.


16 thoughts on “Little Loves – Blog On, Freezer Teas and a Strange Week”

    • Can you believe I have still not sat down to watch it yet. I shall make it my mission to watch it tonight as I am dying to see it x

  1. So jealous of all the Blog On bloggers getting to meet up! I’m hoping to make the next one so would love to see you there! There’s a few people included In The Club in their Little Loves posts too – I hadn’t heard of it before! Looks good though. Enjoy your week xx

    • Ah Steph I really hope you make the next Blog On. There are rumours it could be as close as this September/October. Ooooo yes In The Club was SO good last series. I have recorded it and planning to catch up tonight x

  2. Wow look at all those goodies. It seems like everyone found Blog On so informative and fun! I’d love to go one year! In the Club is now on my list of things to watch after reading on #littleloves that it’s back. Have a lovely Sunday x

    • I only realised that In The Club was back for a second series after I saw someone tweeting the other day. Thankfully we have it on record to watch tonight. Blog On is a fantastic conference, and yes the goody bags are out of this world x

    • Really missed you at Blog On, though you do know your mum would have had to come as well. Not a Blog event without your lovely mum being there. Thank you, he is on the mend now and is back home. It was a tough week but he is getting there x

    • The Lucy Diamond books are definitely my kind of fiction. Thanks Lorraine he is back home now and recovering well x

  3. Sounds amazing Tracey and looks like a packed week. Glad that your hubs dad is okay and I can imagine it was all rather worrying!
    I need to read more books because Im missing out on loads! hah x

    • Thank you Mary, yes it was really worrying but thankfully he is on the mend. I love my reading time just before I go to sleep. I leave hubby downstairs with the news and the bed is all mine for 30 minutes….. bliss x

  4. Oh my goodness! What a goodie bag!
    I went a few years ago and really enjoyed it, unfortunately it’s clashed with other things this year and the year before.
    I hope you’re father-in-law is ok xx

    • Thank you Morgana, he is back home now and on the mend. The goodie bags are just out of this world. I had to fight the kids of me when I returned from Blog On lol x


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