This week we have celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary. I know it’s a cliché, but the time really has flown by. I remember our wedding day like it was yesterday, surrounded by our family and friends. It’s funny to think we got married when social media was not around, and any photographs taken had to be developed at Max Spielman. Here we are looking a lot less knackered due to having no kids.



I finished ‘A Baby at the Beach Café’ by Lucy Diamond, which was a nice and easy read. I have just started ‘A Patchwork Marriage’ which I picked up in a charity shop for £1.49. I am a few pages in and already hooked. It’s about parenting difficult teens so I may pick up some valuable hints and tips lol.

The Patchwork Marriage


On Sunday I went to our local theatre and watched my daughter in her very first dance show. She only started Modern Dance a few months ago, and I was very proud when I watched her on stage. She had to have her hair and make up done a certain way, and I have to thank my friend for not only doing Katies, but also her own daughter too.

Dance show


Loving James Bay, Let it Go at the moment. Don’t worry it’s not a Frozen version.


Daughter and I have been to a ‘Bead party’ this evening. She had lots of fun making earrings, bracelets and bookmarks.



My new Pandora necklace which was an anniversary present.

And lastly

We are off on a little adventure tomorrow for 3 nights. It’s just the husband and I, and I am really looking forward to going away and chilling out. When I saw this box in TK Maxx a few weeks ago, I had to have it. Life has certainly been an adventure since we met 17 years ago.

Adventure box

Little Loves