Little Loves – Hot Tubs, Lodges and School Bingo

Wow where did that week go. What an awesome week as husband and I went away to celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary. We stayed in the most luxurious and homely lodge just outside Nottingham. We ate, drank, talked, laughed, walked in the forest and went to the Spa at Centerparcs. As you can imagine we had an amazing time away. Huge thanks to my mum who moved into our house for 3 nights to look after the kids.

Deerdale Lodge

Deerdale Lodge Lounge


Being away for 3 nights meant I had lots of time for reading. In the evenings the husband would head off for a bike ride in the forest. I would curl up on the sofa in the lodge, or lie on the hammock and read. It really was pure bliss. Me, the birds tweeting and the early evening sunshine. Oh and a sneaky glass of Prosecco.

The Patchwork Marriage Book

Deerdale Lodge


The lodge had a good selection of DVDs and we decided to watch Burnt one evening. I must admit it was a pretty poor story, and the only saving grace was Bradley Cooper was in it.

Burnt DVD


Being away from the kids for 3 days meant we were not subjected to Nickelodeon and The Disney Channel. This meant we got to listen to lots of music, something we need to do more often. I will never tire of this John Newman song.


I always struggle with this section so I turned to my husband for inspiration……. ‘You made a killing at the school bingo’. Yes I won ALL of this at the school bingo on Wednesday night. Party at mine anybody lol.

Bingo Win


I seemed to be in my swimming costume for most of the time we were away. We seemed to be either in the hot tub in the lodge, or at Centerparcs on our Spa Day. Don’t worry I won’t subject you to a picture of me in my costume, so here is the hot tub and my nice chilled glass of Prosecco.

Hot tub

And lastly

My in laws are making the trip up from South Wales this weekend. We didn’t know whether my Father in law would be well enough to travel, after he was in hospital a few weeks ago. But thankfully he is better now and it will be lovely to see him. We don’t have much planned apart from a meal out on Saturday evening. Have a great week x


Little Loves

14 thoughts on “Little Loves – Hot Tubs, Lodges and School Bingo”

  1. What a lovely relaxing few days you had! I love being able to just sit and read without thinking I need to be doing something more ‘important’. You certainly did win big on the school bingo! Great news about your FIL.

    • It was SO relaxing Sarah, just having that time away to clear your mind and not clock watch and referee the kids lol x

    • The funny thing is we weren’t even going to the bingo as the teens parents evening was the same night. But then it was cancelled and daughter dragged us to the bingo. Boy am I glad she did lol x

  2. OMG! Look at that bounty from the bingo!! You lucky lady, you… And super lucky to spend a whole 3 nights child-free with your hubs to celebrate your wedding anniversary in style at CP’s. I’ve never visited a Center Parcs, but hear so many good things. Glad you had a great time xx

    • Steph CP is such a fantastic place to go, and I presume you are fairly close to Whinfell in The Lakes. We didn’t actually stay at CP as we just visited for the day and stayed nearby. We have been to Whinfell about 13 times now and it was our first time visiting Sherwood. I am a huge CP fan x

  3. I am so glad you had a great time Tracey, the lodge looks amazing especially the spa and hammock omg it looks like bliss. It is so important to get away as a couple and spend time together xx

    • Sarah I can highly recommend the lodge for a cosy romantic break away. We loved every minute of being away, and yes I totally agree you need time away as a couple. Just need to start working on my mum to get her booked in for childcare duties lol x

  4. Oh my goodness, what a lovely break you’ve had! That lodge and hot tub look wonderful, I’m trying so hard not to be jealous right now 😉
    And that load of goodies from bingo – oh boy you’ve had such a good week! xx

    • Thanks Morgana, you could say it was a fantastic week. The lodge was the perfect place for a romantic getaway x


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