Another 2 weeks has passed since I last joined in with Little Loves, and what a fortnight. Last week we were in Greece, and this week has been a blur of high school transition days, work, family life, school reports, SATS results (both amazing) and orthodontic appointments for the teen. I am ready to flop on the sofa this evening with a bottle of wine and Gilmore Girls.

Glass of wine


I am loving Big Little Lies (thanks to all the Little Loves people that have mentioned it in their posts recently). I am about half way through and it has gripped me from the first page. And my reading spot last week wasn’t too shabby.

Big Little Lies


My family running down a big hill which is 1.3 miles from top to bottom. The husband has done it for the past 4 years (coming in 8th position last year), but this year the kids also joined him. It meant that he had to run with Katie and it was great to see them crossing the finishing line together. The teen did brilliantly coming in around 50th out of 300. They keep saying I should join in, but I am quite happy with my role as ‘official family photographer’ at the finishing line.

Donwhill Run - Cheshire



Amazing memories (sorry to use it AGAIN). I have been part of this crazy blogging world for nearly 4 years, and last week is something I will remember for ever. Experiencing Sani Dunes hotel in Greece during its soft opening was incredible. Our 5 days  were filled with sun, pools, 6 course Michelin star meal, drinking champagne overlooking the sea, and incredible service from all the staff.

Sani Dunes outdoor pool

Sani Dunes Hotel

Sani Dunes volvo experience

Sani Dunes Hotel at Sani Resort


The kids have been full of it this week. They seem to be so busy at this time of year, and they have been telling us all about Duke of Ed hikes, high school transition days, Enterprise days and of course the plans for the year 6 leavers assembly.  One things for sure, there WILL be tears and lots of them (from me, Katie seems to be absolutely fine).


Summer dresses, hats, swimming costumes and factor 50.

Sani Dunes Resort Halkidiki

Sani Dunes in Greece

And lastly

My little lady is off to London for 2 days next week on her end of school trip. She is so excited, and of course I will be feeling anxious when she is there. But my anxieties are nothing compared to the memories she will make, and the amazing fun she will have. A perfect trip for the end of her primary school journey.