Little Loves – First time pumpkin carving, Zorbing and Shingles

Another 2 weeks has passed by since I joined in with Little Loves. The kids have been back to school this week, so it has been a fairly mundane week of school runs and work. It was however Halloween on Monday, and Katie dressed up as Harley Quinn again to go Trick or Treating. I must admit she makes a pretty awesome Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn Halloween


Despite having a book on my bedside table, I still haven’t started it yet. This week I PROMISE.


Whilst we were away in Scotland the husband turned 45. And what better way to celebrate than rolling down a hill, in a large plastic ball filled with freezing cold water. That’s how they do zorbing in Scotland! Katie was also going to join in this craziness, but she came to her senses once she realised how cold the water was. The teen and I were the sensible ones who stood at the bottom and watched, as the husband shrieked his way down the hill in his trunks. Oh how we laughed…..

Water Zorbing


Would you believe that at the ages of 10 and 14 our kids have never carved a pumpkin. So last Friday we went to a local farm shop to pick some pumpkins to carve the following day. As you can see we went for the ‘simple pumpkin’ design, and who knows we might even try something more adventurous next year.

Pumpkins - The Williams World

Carved pumpkins - The Williams World


That the poor teen had shingles. At first I kept dismissing the small rash he had on his body, but when it started spreading I thought I had better take him to the Doctors. Turns out it was shingles poor love. He was given anti virus medication to take for 5 days, and thankfully he is back to his normal self.


The weather has really turned this week, and I have finally admitted defeat and started wearing winter coats. I picked up this grey woollen coat in a charity shop the other week, for the bargain price of £5. It still had the tags on so I was very pleased. My other charity shop bargain was this handbag, and despite it being a summer colour, I think it goes rather well with the coat.

Winter coat - Williams World Blog

Charity shop handbag

Charity Shop Bargains - The Williams World

And lastly

I saw this picture in a coffee shop whilst we were in Scotland, and you might have seen it when I shared it on instagram. I have the best ingredients in mine. Fantastic friends, a supportive family, and of course I fill my sandwich with as many holidays as I can get away with. Have a great week x

Quote - The Williams World


12 thoughts on “Little Loves – First time pumpkin carving, Zorbing and Shingles”

  1. Love the quote board so true. Lovely coat and bag too. Perfect for this season. Love your daughter’s halloween costume too. I am linking last week’s #littleloves as I forgot to add it to the linky while I was away and this week we have all been super sick. Not nice to share. 🙂 Happy Weekend ahead.

    • Aw Jenny so sorry to hear that you have all been sick this week. Sickness bugs really are the pits when the whole house end up getting poorly. Hope you are all on the mend now. Hugs x

  2. Love the coat & bag, what a bargain. Glad the teen is over the Shingles, and now I’m going to google Harley Quinn (I am so old) x
    I really enjoy ‘little loves’ posts and you have a great mixture as usual Tracey.

    • I wouldn’t have a clue who Harley Quinn was either if I didn’t have a 10 year old. The thing is she is a character from a film, which is a 15 certificate, so obviously Katie has never seen it. No idea why she likes her so much. Teen is much better now thanks Lorraine, and normal PlayStation duties have resumed x

    • Oh no in your eye, that sounds horrendous. He was quite poorly and uncomfortable for a few days, but thankfully he is much better now. Typical that he gets them during half term. Have a great week x

    • Thanks Sarah, I love a good charity bargain and was so pleased with my coat and bag. Teen all recovered and normal PlayStation usage has resumed x

  3. The zorbing looks awesome! I’ve always fancied having a go at that…The kids pumpkin carving efforts are awesome – I am severely inexperienced with that sort of thing. x

    • You are braver than me Steph if you fancy the zorbing! But then I am abit of a wimp when it comes to things like that. Thankfully the kids take after the husband for being fearless x

  4. Love your sentiment at the end there – nothing like a good holiday! I laughed at the vision of your husband zorbing in freezing cold water – utter madness lol! No wonder your daughter changed her mind 😉

    • Oh how me and the teen howled with laughter when he was gracefully getting out of a zorbing ball in his trunks!!! You can never have too many holidays can you x


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