Little Loves – Heatwave, Schools Out and Toby Carvery

I missed joining in with Little Loves last week, and what a fortnight it has been. The teen has already enjoyed a full week off school, the whole country has basked in the heatwave and we can finally say hello summer holidays.


I picked this book up the other week in a Charity Shop for the bargain price of 99p. I have not started it yet, but I have read a few of Lucy Diamond’s books and they are always a great read.

Lucy Diamond

Another thing I have read this week is my daughter’s school report. She absolutely loves school and it was a pleasure to read, especially the comment ‘Your manners and behaviour are a terrific example to everyone in the class’. Well done Katie for another excellent school year.


I always feel a little emotional on the last day of term, especially when I watch the year 6 children leaving primary school for the very last time. I can’t believe that this will be my youngest child in just under 12 months.


Lots of family chatter on Wednesday evening. We went out to a local Toby Carvery to celebrate the end of another school year. We chatted about the last year and what the children had achieved, and what we were looking forward to over the summer. All whilst having an extremely delicious carvery.


Ok this wasn’t made by me, but this was the beautiful present my daughter received from her teacher. I am a huge fan of word art and this was such a lovely present. She has been extremely lucky that she has had a wonderful male teacher for both years 4 and 5, and I know she will miss him.


Well it has definitely been the week of wearing summer dresses, sandals, hats and plenty of suntan lotion. The teen even got his legs out on the hottest day of the year.

And Lastly

No filter needed for this picture that I took on ‘Heatwave day’ …. There is something about bright blue sky that just makes us feel so much more happier. Have a great week x


14 thoughts on “Little Loves – Heatwave, Schools Out and Toby Carvery”

  1. Aww it really is an emotional day when they leave isn’t it? And that present is just so lovely and personal. Z got a little poem that I’m going to put on his wall. That carvery looks amazing by the way!

    • I only wish they did delivery as I could just eat it now. Aw the poem sounds personal and lovely too. The teachers really go out of there way giving thoughtful presents to the children x

  2. I think we got our summer all in one day this year! It was the same here – the poor school kids went for a walk around a nearby lake! O was sweltering! I’ve never been to Toby Carvery – that dinner looks so lush though, so I might have to make the effort. I think our nearest one is about 45 minutes away though so might have to wait until we’re in the area… x

    • Toby Carvery is fantastic Steph and what a shame your nearest one is 45 minutes away. Looking out the window now it is such a difference from this time last week when we were all melting x

  3. What a lovely post. I love the gift from the teacher and those words on Katie’s report would have made any parent proud! I like the idea of having an end of school year meal. We should have done that!
    I’ve finally persuaded my younger son to give up joggers and hoodies this week. It’s such a relief to see him dressed for the weather! Here’s hoping we get more warm weather 🙂

    • I think we will start the tradition of an end of school meal as it was lovely Sarah. My teen is back in jeans and a hoodie now seeing as though the temperature is below 30 now. Do they never feel warm these teens lol x

    • I join in with the Little Loves linky which opens on a Friday Paige, and it is lovely to look back at the previous week x

  4. What a lovely post! It sounds like Katie had a wonderful teacher, and what a beautiful gift too.
    That carvery dinner looks delicious, I’ve not had a proper roast in ages! xx

    • I think carvery tastes so much better when somebody else cooks it. Infact I could just eat it now, I wonder if they do delivery lol x


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