Little Loves – Iceland, Alton Towers and the Northern Lights

I know that some people have yet to start their October half term, but I can’t believe we are nearly at the end of ours. And what a half term it has been for us, filled with amazing adventures for the teen, and new experiences for Katie. The teen went to Iceland on his school trip for 4 days, and what an amazing time he had. If your kids ever come home from school with an ‘Iceland trip letter’ I can honestly say it was worth every single penny. Trouble is, I now want to experience this amazing country too.

Little Loves


Really failed with picking up a book again, but I did stalk the schools instagram account whilst the teen was away. They did a fantastic job of keeping us updated, and I loved reading what they were up to. From amazing waterfalls to glacier walking, sitting in the Secret Lagoon to visiting the black sand beach, a tiny part of me felt like I was experiencing the trip too.



My boy got to watch the Northern Lights. Even writing this down I get goosebumps, so I can’t imagine what it’s like to actually be there and experience this amazing light show. The Northern Lights came out for them on their final night of the trip, and this picture was taken from the schools instagram account. Unfortunately Morgan’s phone was out of battery so sadly he didn’t get any pictures. But he has those memories, and to experience seeing them at only 15 is bloody amazing.

The Northern Lights


Just before they broke up we went to school for Katie’s settling in evening. It was a chance to meet with her form tutor and some of her teachers. It was lovely to hear that she has settled in really well, and during her first half term at school we have had 3 postcards from school to praise her. She has really thrown herself into high school and loves the challenges of a bigger school. Long may it continue.


Kate made 1.4 metres at long last (see what I did there), and this could only mean one thing….. The big rides at Alton Towers. I honestly think she has been counting down to this day for years, and last Friday we took advantage of an inset day and headed to the theme park for Scarefest. Before 2pm she had conquered Nemesis (3 times), Galactica, Thirteen (twice), Rita, Sonic Spinball and a few others she had been on before. I love that she has her dad’s fearless streak and love of adventure.

Daughter at Alton Towers

Katie at Alton Towers


I picked up a new top in Asda for the bargain price of £10, and have worn it out twice now. Hubby and I went to Bistrot Pierre the other Sunday, and last weekend we enjoyed a night away for the husband’s birthday. Both times I have worn it with black trousers, black boots and my chunky silver necklace.

Dining at Bistrot Pierre

Dining at Cottons Hotel

And lastly

I was sent some amazing gin to try from the lovely people over at 31 Dover. I said a while ago that it was my mission to start trying different gins, as I tend to stick to the same ones. As you can imagine I was over the moon to receive a bottle of Pickering’s Gin, especially when it arrived so beautifully packaged. I will definitely be indulging in a few glasses this weekend.

31 Dover online

Pickerings Gin and 31 Dover

20 thoughts on “Little Loves – Iceland, Alton Towers and the Northern Lights”

    • It was the BEST school trip, and he had an amazing time. She really is a daredevil and glad that she takes after her dad rather than me x

  1. I haven’t had gin for years. I treated myself to some pink gin thing the other day though, although I’m still yet to drink it. I’m so jealous of your son’s trip to Iceland. It looks and sounds amazing and what a wonderful place to experience at his age. Have a great week x

    • Oooooo not tried pink gin, will have to put that on the list to try. He was so lucky to get to experience Iceland and especially the Northern Lights. Very jealous of his trip too, and hopefully we will get there one day. Can’t have these teens having all the good trips can we lol x

  2. Wow what a half-term you have all had. I would love to experience Iceland, it looks amazing. If you get a chance to go to foodies festival there are loads of different gins to sample, I’m not a big drinker but I did enjoy the different flavours. That top looks lovely on you and what a bargain ! Hope you have had a lovely weekend x

    • It was a great half term but I most admit I have enjoyed my day off today being in the house pottering around. I will have to look out for the foodies festival, as I think there is a Christmas one soon at Tatton. Asda have some lovely tops in at the moment x

  3. Ooh I haven’t tried that Gin is it good? I so want to visit Iceland, but Chris and I have been saying that for years, one day we might actually book it! And well done Katie, the jury is still out over whether I like Joes school, it was fab for Jack, and Joe is happy but I just have a feeling about it ! I am not sure at all x

    • Pickering’s gin is lovely Sarah, quite strong as it seemed to go to my head quite quickly (or I could be turning into a lightweight lol). Iceland has never been on my radar but after Morgan had an amazing time, I really want to go. Ah sorry to hear about Joe’s school, hope it improves for you Sarah x

  4. Wow! I am so impressed at your son’s school organising a trip to Iceland – & the memory of the Northern Lights will surely be something he’ll treasures. Congratulations to Kate for smashing those rides! Again, more memories to treasure! Here’s to another, great week!

    • It has to be one of the best school trips they do, and I am so glad he wanted to go. Yes it was expensive, but to be honest it was worth every penny. She is a little daredevil on the rides just like her dad. I prefer to hold the bags and take pictures x

    • Ah thanks Susan, he had an amazing trip with lots of memories. And Katie too going on all the big rides with her daddy x

  5. Looks like you all enjoyed this half-term. The places in Iceland sound so interesting & i’m glad he saw the Northern Lights, when our school went they didn’t see them. Good to hear Katie has settled into High School.

    • I think it’s so hit and miss whether you actually see the lights as our friends went the week before Morgan and they didn’t see them. He was VERY lucky to experience them at 15 years of age x

  6. I’m so jealous of your sons school trip! We never went further than London in highschool! Must have been an amazing experience and one I’m sure he will never forget, I’m so glad he enjoyed it. Lovely to hear Katie is doing so well in highschool too, it’s such a big transition, I’ve got years to go with ours yet and I already worry about it! Sounds like she is going amazingly well, you must be so proud of them both xx

    • It was an amazing experience for him Hayley, and I am so glad we could afford to send him. It was nice to see what they were all getting up to as the school was updating their instagram account. Aw Katie is still loving high school, the transition seems to have gone really well for her x

  7. Yes to new gins! I pretty much always stick to Hendricks because it’s all I’ve ever known – do they actually taste different? Perhaps I should be a bit more adventurous! Can’t believe your teen got to see the Northern Lights, definitely one on my bucket list – hope I don’t pop my clogs anytime soon as it doesn’t look to be happening in the near future. How lucky he got to go. And you look great in that top Tracey, it really suits you 🙂

    • Yes they do all taste different, plus I also think the taste is down to the tonic water too. I try and mix my tonic up by using the different ones that Fever Tree do. Hope you get to see the Northern Lights one day Suzanne, maybe we need a blogger trip there lol x

  8. What a fantastic school trip!! It’s lovely that you got to follow it along on Instagram too. That would definitely make me feel less anxious as a parent for sure.
    Hope you’ve had a good week this week and sorry I’m so late in popping by and commenting xx

    • It certainly did put my mind at rest and it was lovely to see what they were getting up to. It certainly was a school trip to remember x


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