This is the first time I am joining in with the Little Loves linky that Morgana over at Coffee, Work, Sleep, Repeat runs on a weekly basis. Some of my favourite bloggers join in every week, and I enjoy reading all about their Little Loves. The idea behind the posts is to look back on the past week, and remember some of the things that might have just been forgotten. My aim for this year is to join in with linkys on a more regular basis, and I am hoping to join in with Morgana most weeks.

So this week has really been about getting back to normal. Back to school runs, back to work and back to eating food that does not start with the letter C (crisps, chocolate, cake, cheese).


I have just started reading Sweet Temptation by Lucy Diamond which I picked up in a local charity shop. It promises a story of love, friendship, calories and cake. I am really enjoying it, and if I can’t eat cake I may as well read about it.


After watching Suits (and TOTALLY loving it) we need a new box set to start watching. Trouble is mine and my husband’s tastes are totally different. Hopefully we will agree on something this week. One thing we did agree on was watching the start of Celebrity Big Brother. Yes I know it’s totally trash TV, but we like to see who is going in, and then spend the next few hours going WHO ARE THEY ?


Lots of giggles and fun coming from the playroom. Katie had an inset day on Monday, and we had a play/coffee date with friends. Is there a better sound than listening to your kids having fun whilst trashing the house. Lots of fun was had, and it can all be tidied away at the end of the day.


This week I made the decision to rejoin Slimming World. After not attending since last May, I knew I had to bite the bullet and return. I had my first weigh in yesterday, and this happened. I have a LONG way to go, but I was over the moon to lose half a stone in my first week.

photo (80)


Normal clothes. After wearing far too much ‘loungewear’ over the Christmas period, it was time to dress in proper clothes like work pants. Yes the work pants might have been a little snug. but I am sure they would have been even tighter had I not joined Slimming World on New Years Eve.

And lastly

This coming week is all about getting organised for our first little holiday of 2016, and wrapping daughter’s birthday presents. Oh and I promise I will take more pictures for next weeks Little Loves. Thank you for reading.

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