Our travel plans for 2016

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I don’t know about you, but the beginning of a new year is filled with excitement, dreams and more importantly me saying to the husband ‘when can I book our summer holiday’. I love to be organised, filling in dates in the diary and having something to look forward to. Since we became a family, holidays have always been one of our top priorities. As the children will be 10 and 14 this year, our holidays are changing. We no longer need soft play, playgrounds and cheesy entertainment. WIFI is a top priority for a teen and *maybe* for me too. We all need to instagram that lovely holiday sunset don’t we.

Did you know that today, the 9th January, is know as ‘Sunshine Saturday’ ? It’s the busiest day of the year in the travel industry. You can read more about Sunshine Saturday here. Christmas is a distant memory, back to work and school runs, and 9 days of eating salad is taking its toll. Add to that the dreary weather and no wonder we are all dreaming of holidays, beaches and sunshine. Going into 2016 we already had 2 holidays booked. Since the start of the year we have also booked a break away, and we are just about to book our summer holiday. So here are our travel plans for 2016.


15 days into the New year and we will be heading to Centerparcs (6 sleeps eek). This will be the 3rd time we have been in the middle of January to celebrate daughter’s birthday. Yes the lucky lady has turned 8,9 and will shortly turn 10 at Centerparcs. And this year is extra special as it’s also my birthday on the day we arrive. We have lots planned for our weekend away, and we are dreaming of another snowy birthday like last year.

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In April we are heading to mainland Greece to the gorgeous Ikos Olivia hotel. A few bloggers, including Katie from mummydaddyme, were lucky to visit the Ikos hotels last year. I was blown away by how gorgeous the hotel looked, and knew we had to visit one day. I anxiously waited for the Easyjet flights to come out last September, and grabbed 4 return flights for the grand total of £325. A few days later I booked 7 nights at the hotel. Now I just need to keep eating salad until we go.


In May we have been married for 15 years, and of course we need to celebrate with a weekend away with no kids (thanks mum). We were originally thinking about Barcelona, but because we are heading to Greece the month before, funds were a little on the low side. So we have booked a lodge for 3 nights (with hot tub of course) for pure relaxation.


The summer holidays are currently being debated on ‘Sunshine Saturday’. We have narrowed it down to 2 choices. We will either be heading to Centerparcs Woburn Forest on the very last weekend of the summer holidays. I was very lucky to have been invited to Woburn by my best friend, before it opened to the general public back in May 2014. You can read about our trip here. I have always said I would love to take the boys there, as they would LOVE the slides.

Centerparcs Woburn

Another option is Scotland where we have been for the past 2 summer holidays. The kids always ask to go back there, and whilst I absolutely love it, I feel we are ready for a change. But for the price of a week in Scotland, we would only get a weekend at Centerparcs. Hopefully we will have a decision before the end of today.

I also have a girls night away planned for September, and also a family wedding in October.  So when I write it all down, it looks like we have a very exciting and fun packed year ahead. I had better get saving those pennies up, and start using sites like My Voucher Codes to save on any shopping we do.

Have you booked your 2016 holiday yet ?


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  1. Sounds like some very exciting plans. I’m very jealous of your birthday trip to Center Parcs! We’re still debating our holidays, but I’m sure we will booking in the next couple of weeks. Our eldest is pushing for something exotic, but if he wants to pay summer holiday prices for a family of five, he can go ahead and book it 😉 Back in the real world, Padstow will no doubt be on the cards.

    • Getting so excited about our trip next week, especially as this year I get my birthday at Centerparcs too. I asked the kids where they wanted to go in the summer. Teen said Australia and Hawaii !!!!! So yep probably Scotland then ha x

  2. Tracey we still don’t know what we are doing for summer, s many ideas and no idea how to break it down. I am usually so organised so it doesn’t sit right with me, but I am sure we will have a light bulb moment , however we have some exciting plans up until June xx

    • I am the same as you Sarah. The first 6 months of the year have been planned out for a while now, but I am desperate to plan the summer holidays too. Though Hywel said our main holiday is in April (true) so we don’t have to go away in the summer. Yes you can imagine the look I gave him x

    • Oooooo a Disney trip sounds amazing, and 5 is a great age to visit. We took our children to Florida when they were 5 and 8. Thank you for your comment x

  3. Sounds like you have a busy year with a fun filled travel itinerary! I’m not sure what we are doing as far as holidays this year, I would like to take a cottage holiday during February halfterm or Easter and we will hopefully get to go camping during the summer which we didn’t get to do last year due to all the rain! Thanks for linking up with #sundaystars x

    • A cottage holiday sounds lovely. Fingers crossed you get to go camping this year. We used to camp lots when the kids were younger x


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