Planning our Centerparcs Activities

This weekend we are off to Centerparcs for our annual trip. This is the 3rd year we have celebrated Katie’s birthday at Centerparcs, and this year I also get to celebrate MINE too. Over the past few weeks we have been looking at the activities on offer. The beauty of Centerparcs is you can do as much or as little as you wish. There are free activities such as the Subtropical Swimming Complex, walks around the beautiful forest or take the kids to the toddler disco. Having been to Centerparcs around 12 times as a family, we have participated in lots of varied activities over the years. We have tried our hand at Fencing, Archery, Table Tennis, Indoor Caving, Balance Bikes and Cheerleading to name a few.

Centerparcs Cheerleading

Centerparcs bike

So here are our plans for the coming weekend

Friday – We aim to get to Centerparcs around 6.30pm (please be kind M6), quickly unpack the car and head for a swim. Then it will be back to the lodge for birthday bubbles infront of the roaring fire.

Saturday – In the morning we plan to have a walk around the forest, no doubt stopping for a well deserved Starbucks. In the afternoon Katie is booked into Pottery Painting, whilst the boys are playing pool. In the evening we are heading to Hucks which is Centerparcs American restaurant. We have been several times to Hucks, and its always the kids first choice.

Sunday – In the afternoon the boys are off Paintballing for a few hours. Our last night will be spent in a Cabana in the Swimming Complex.

Monday – Will be filled with Katie opening her presents, tenpin bowling, lunch at The Pancake House and an afternoon swimming. And then it will be time to head home (sob).

Looking forward to sharing our adventures when we return.



8 thoughts on “Planning our Centerparcs Activities”

    • We were so lucky to have had snow for the 2nd year on the run. I feel like our kids have grown up at Centerparcs, as we first went when Katie was 6 months old x

  1. Looks like you had just the right balance of activities – not too many and not too few. Nice to spend some time as a family and do some things separately too.
    I’ve always liked the look of the cabanas, but of course my husband says they’re a ‘waste of money’!
    Hope the M6 was kind!

    • The M6 was actually good going up, and we were all unpacked and in the pool by 6.45pm, which wasn’t bad going after the kids coming out of school at 3.15pm. The Cabanas are great but yes not the cheapest. I like them as I can sit and chill out whilst the kids and hubby go off sliding x


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