Little Loves – Passports, Gogglebox and Ikea Units

It has been one of those weeks where I have felt a little out of sorts (hello hormones), was unbearably tired and more snappy with the kids. I really should take the advice from my new print below. I am sure normal service will resume soon. It has been a fairly ordinary week getting back to the school run and ferrying kids to clubs. We did have a lovely night out on Saturday night with friends and ended up going for a curry at midnight. It has to be done right…. Here are my Little Loves for this week.



Have read far too much of the booklet that comes with the pack for renewing passports. It was time to renew the kids passports as they have just run out, and without new ones they won’t be coming to Greece with us in just over 5 weeks. I must have read the section about who can counter sign them about 10 times. Thankfully they are in the post and I just have to to pray to the passport gods the new ones arrive soon.



Hurrah for Gogglebox returning last Friday night.  Gogglebox brings the teen out of his cave, and we all watch it together. Though how sad was it when the little dog died (yes I was in floods of tears). Gogglebox does make me realise how little television we watch. This week we also started the second season of The Affair, and I didn’t realise that the 2 main actors are British. We are still loving it, and I really have no idea how it is all going to end.


After watching the first hour of the Brits on Wednesday night with the 10 year old, I realised I heard lots of music I didn’t even recognise. I fear I am turning into my mum by saying lots of ‘who are these, never heard of them’, as the 10 year old rolls her eyes at me. Though I am going to see Little Mix and The Vamps in April, so I can pretend to be trendy mum.


LOTS of Ikea storage units. Okay so the husband technically made them, but I supervised and made cups of tea for him. The playroom is coming along nicely, and I just have a few bits and bobs to get before I share the finished room.

Ikea Storage

Ikea Storage


In addition to her school uniform, Katie had to wear something blue as they are learning about Diversity in school today. I think the idea behind it is everyone wears a different colour to show we are all different. I am sure she will fill me in with what she has learnt when she comes home. She was very excited to wear blue necklaces, bangles and hair ribbons to school this morning.

And lastly

One of my best friends posted this on her Facebook wall and this is totally me. I tend to worry about the little things that I have no control over, so I have saved this to my phone to look at. Have a good week x




10 thoughts on “Little Loves – Passports, Gogglebox and Ikea Units”

    • Thank you Lorraine. We are hoping it will be used more of a 2nd sitting room as will have a TV and PS2 in there, as well as all of Katies toys. Just need it all finished now x

  1. Ooh I love those storage units! Ha ha you sound like me and my daughter about music. Although all the old songs I used to love keep being remixed and ruined lately and she thinks they’re brand new songs! Curry at midnight, I remember those days! Have a good week x

    • Ha we had that the other day when Fast Car came on the radio. I started singing along (as you do) and daughter was amazed I knew the song. How little they know eh. Curry at midnight was very naughty but oh so nice x

  2. You know you’re getting old when you get excited (and jealous) of someones storage. I’m loving the Ikea unit, we could do with one that size in our house.
    Also jealous of you going to see Little Mix, they look like they’ll be amazing in concert! xx

    • Oh god I know what you mean about getting excited about storage. Ha its definitely an age thing. Years ago it would be pretty boxes to store shoes and handbags in. Now its about getting the biggest storage to hide all the toys and other crap in x

    • We have 2 concerts in 2 days which is going to be a little crazy but lots of fun. I only discovered the Ikea units about a year ago but we have them all over the house now. You can fit SO much in them x


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