I had all good intentions of joining in with Little Loves last week, but when it came to it I just couldn’t engage my brain and write. It has been a challenging few weeks for me, yet I know that everything will work out completely fine in the end. This is why I love Little Loves, focusing on the little things that have made me smile over the past few weeks.

Little Loves


I have read not one, but two books over the past few weeks. I had all good intentions  of reading the Matt Haig book that everybody seems to be reading at the moment. But I started Mad Girl by Bryony Gordon, a story of her happy life with a mixed-up mind. A truthful look at the mental illness she has suffered from since she was a young girl. It’s raw, truthful, sad and happy, and Bryony shares her story as a celebration of her life dealing with mental illness.

Mad Girl by Bryony Gordon

I have also just finished I Found You by Lisa Jewell and OMG what a brilliant read. This is the first book I have read by Lisa Jewell, and it certainly won’t be the last. I raced through it in a week (which is good for me), as it was SO gripping, plus the short chapters made it really easy to pick up in between doing the tea/sorting washing out/other boring jobs.

I Found You by Lisa Jewell


Is anyone else watching the Seven Year Switch on Channel 4 ? The idea behind the programme is that 4 couples, who are having relationship problems, switch partners in a 2 week therapy session. I am loving all the couples in the show, apart from the drama queen hairdresser who gives me the rage. I’m really interested to see which marriages are going to be saved, and who will go their separate ways. It really is fascinating viewing.

Seven Year Switch UK

Hubby and I also watched Bad Moms 2 after I got it from the kids for Mother’s Day (what were they trying to tell me !!!). Whilst it wasn’t as good as the first one, it still has plenty of laughs in it. Oh and of course I indulged in the gin whilst I was watching it. Another Mother’s Day present, thanks kids.

Bad Moms and Gin


Shrieks of laughter from playing on the Wii.  Our Nintendo Wii blew up about 3 years ago, and we finally replaced it after much nagging from Katie. And all thanks to eBay, I managed to get a new one for the bargain price of £11 delivered. So 3 years on the teen will ALWAYS win Mario Carts, the husband will whoop loudly when his Wii fit age is 27, and there is nothing like dusting off the Wii fit to realise how unfit you are.


We have ‘made’ a start on our Easter DIY plans. Of course it’s the Easter law and you MUST do some form of DIY over the Easter period. This time it’s our bedroom getting a spruce up. It has not been painted in around 14 years (yes we still had a border in there lol), so new paint has been purchased, carpet has been ordered, and I am stalking pinterest for the ‘pretty bedroom things’.


Yep failed again with this section.

And lastly

We are off on a little break to Shrewsbury today for a few nights, and I am really looking forward to getting away. We usually have our amazing Greece holiday at this time of year, but Morgan is in school for most of the Easter holidays, thanks to GCSE revision. So 2 nights in a Premier Inn will have to do. Seriously though, I am really looking forward to spending time with the hubby and kids. Have a great Easter x

Little Loves

18 Thoughts on “Little Loves – Seven Year Switch, The Wii and Easter

  1. I knew you would love the Lisa Jewell book, I actually cried at the end, it is so brilliantly written. I can highly recommend I found you, by her too as it is just as good. I will look out for Mad Girl, I like the sound of that. Have a lovely time in Shrewsbury

    • Tracey Williams on April 3, 2018 at 4:36 pm said:

      Thanks Nikki we all had a wonderful time away in Shrewsbury. I didn’t realise how big the place is, and how much history is connected to the town. Hope you find Mad Girl as it was a really interesting read x

  2. He’s going to school in the Easter holidays? Don’t think I’ll get my teen to manage that! I’ve read a few Lisa Jewell books but they were more chick lit, assuming it’s the same person I’m thinking of? Love the sound of this book though and am adding it to my list. I know I will also like the Bryony Gordon one. I wouldn’t rush to read Matt HAig’s book, I can’t get into it 🙁 xx

    • Tracey Williams on April 3, 2018 at 4:39 pm said:

      He is going practically every day, most days just until 12pm, and thank goodness he doesn’t mind going in. I think because the majority of his friends will be there too. I thought Lisa Jewell did mainly chick lit too, but I think with her last 2 books she is moving away from it. Definitely a great read. Funnily enough my mum said the same about the Matt Haig book x

  3. As you know I loved the Lisa Jewel book I’ve just read, we could swap these over when we meet up next if you like. Bedroom revamp sounds exciting, just think of all the pretty things you can buy to go in it ! Have a wonderful break over Easter x
    Angela Webster recently posted…Stopping Time, The Bandit & Easter #LittleLovesMy Profile

    • Tracey Williams on April 3, 2018 at 4:47 pm said:

      Definitely up for a book swop. I very nearly bought it at the weekend when I saw it in WH Smiths, and then remembered you had it. Painting is all finished, and just need to wait for the new carpet to be fitted next week. And then I can fill it with lots of pretty things (much to husband’s disgust no doubt lol) x

  4. Both those books sound brilliant. Our Easter holidays are being taken up by revision days at school too and of course when she isn’t revising at school, she’s revising at home, or at least arguing with me about revising at home. I cannot wait for these awful exams to be over. Roll on mid June! Good luck with the bedroom revamp and have a lovely weekend away x
    Mum Reinvented recently posted…Blog Love, Table Manners and A Trip to the Beach #littlelovesMy Profile

    • Tracey Williams on April 4, 2018 at 12:47 pm said:

      Oh how that comment made me laugh about the arguing about revising. Glad to hear it is not just in our house that happens too. Roll on the end of June eh. Weekend away was lovely and was just what we all needed, and bedroom is all painted. Just the new carpet to go down next week x

  5. Enjoy your break! As I said, I’ve got a Lisa Jewell to read too, which sounds really good. I think she did more chick lit back in the day, but she’s moved on! Good luck with the DIY. We need to do some work on our bedroom too, but I think we need to recover from having the bathroom done first! Love that you’re all enjoying the Wii. Ours came back out last autumn when the German boy came to stay.
    Sarah MumofThree World recently posted…School attendance – a new perspectiveMy Profile

    • Tracey Williams on April 4, 2018 at 12:54 pm said:

      The break was just what we all needed, and Shrewsbury is a beautiful part of the country. I can’t wait to read Lisa Jewell’s new book, and yes I think she did more chick lit a few years ago. I definitely think you need some recovery time after doing your bathroom. You do one room and it seems to affect the whole of the house, or is that just us x

  6. I’m adding both those books to my ‘to-read’ list. They sound just my kind of read. Hope you have a lovely time away. #littleloves

    • Tracey Williams on April 4, 2018 at 1:00 pm said:

      Thank you Janet, our weekend away was very much needed. You won’t be disappointed with those books. I am actually really missing the Lisa Jewell book now I have finished it x

  7. I like the sound of Mad Girl – I’m looking for new things to read and this seems like it’ll be right up my street so I’ll look out for it. Hope you enjoyed your weekend away – Shrewsbury is supposed to be lovely.
    Chloe: Picture Taker Memory Maker recently posted…March 2018: The Moments In BetweenMy Profile

    • Tracey Williams on April 4, 2018 at 1:05 pm said:

      It’s definitely an interesting and intriguing book about Bryony’s struggle with her mental health. Shrewsbury was beautiful and much bigger than we thought it would be. Can highly recommend a visit x

  8. Got to love Bad Moms! I agree while it wasn’t as good as the first, there were still some good laughs in there.
    Hope you had a lovely break in Shrewsbury! xx

    • Tracey Williams on April 9, 2018 at 8:26 am said:

      They are great films aren’t they. Shrewsbury was a brilliant break and just what we all needed, thank you x

  9. Hope you had an amazing break, ooh I love the gin set and I have never seen Bad Moms I so need to see it! Seven Year Switch sounds interesting ! And I found you looks fab x

    • Tracey Williams on April 9, 2018 at 8:27 am said:

      You definitely need to see the films Sarah, they are so funny. The gin set was from Asda, but they do a very similar one from Sainsburys too. Fever Tree is my favourite tonic x

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