Our 2nd visit to Ikos Olivia

I am a creature of habit when it comes to holidays. Yes I know there is a huge world out there to explore, but if you give me the perfect holiday then I am going to find it very hard not to return. And this is how I felt when we got back from our first visit to Ikos Olivia in April 2016.

Ikos Olivia Review

We pretty much experienced the perfect holiday last year, no mean feat when you are travelling with a teen and tween. Add to this that Ikos Olivia in Greece won the best all inclusive hotel in Europe (AND second in the world), and I knew that I would be hard pushed to find another hotel that would match the Ikos service.

So with everyone in agreement that we would return, the easyJet flights were booked and the countdown was on. Oh and also the small matter that we would be holidaying with Morgan’s head of year again. She too had fallen in love with Ikos Olivia last year, and was returning on the same flight as us.

Easyjet Plane

The private transfer to Ikos Olivia

Our flight was the first out of Manchester at 6am, and 3 hours later we were landing at Thessaloniki airport. No waiting around for coach transfers as we were taken to the hotel in 2 Mercedes cars. As soon as we arrived at the hotel we were treated like family, and welcomed back to Olivia. It felt SO good to be back in the familiar surroundings, checking in with that all important glass of fizz.

The views from our bungalow suite at Ikos Olivia

We had been upgraded to the deluxe section, and our bungalow suite was amazing. It was in similar style to the one we had stayed in last year, and I loved having our own private garden with this view.

Summer fashion

Deluxe Bungalow at Ikos Olivia

Ikos Olivia Deluxe Bungalow

Ikos Olivia bathrooms

To be honest I don’t think there is a bad location anywhere on the resort, though the beach front bungalows are pretty spectacular.  We were located opposite the sports facilities which were fantastic for the kids, and from our terrace it was a short stroll to the deluxe pool and beach.

Ikos Olivia Deluxe Beach

The pools at Ikos Olivia

Ah the deluxe pool. I had waited a whole year to be sat there, Pina Colada in hand and my holiday book waiting to be read. I was happy, contented and had zero stress the whole week. It is pretty hard to feel anything but chilled surrounded by such peace and tranquillity. Not forgetting the amazing cocktails that are delivered to your sun lounger.

Katie was happiest being in the pool, of course with the obligatory holiday inflatable. This was passed to Sarah from Extraordinary Chaos Travels who was at Olivia the following week, and I am pretty sure Joe had just as much fun with the dolphin.

Morgan being the typical teen was happy having chilled mornings, beating his mum at table tennis, and surprised us all by trying out lots of new food in the restaurants. He also had plenty of time chatting to his friends back home on the PS4 that was in our suite. And as for Hywel he loved the beauty of all inclusive. Trying out Michelin inspired dishes, going out on a pedalo, or even opting for one of the 300 wines they offer with your meal. At Ikos everything really is all included in their ‘Infinite Lifestyle’.

Pedalo at Ikos Olivia

Some of the trips on offer at Ikos Olivia

And if you fancy exploring some of the surrounding areas, the hotel offers daily excursions at 10 euros each. We went to a local shopping mall and we were really impressed with the choice of shops. And of course you come all the way to Greece and the 11 year old drags you into a Claire’s Accessories. Our second trip was to a local Greek village, and it was nice to stroll around and have a coffee with this view.

Ikos Excursion

The restaurants and dining experiences at Ikos Olivia

But the best times for me were in the evenings. A chance to come together and dine at one of their 5 fantastic restaurants. All amazing in their own way and offering different cuisine from Greek to Italian, French to Asian. And not forgetting Flavors which was the main buffet restaurant. I loved every single one of our dining experiences, many of the staff recognising us from last year. One evening in the Asian restaurant we couldn’t decide on dessert, so the waiter brought out every pudding on the menu. Thank heavens for an ever hungry teen who helped polish them off.

Fusco at Ikos Olivia

Anaya at Ikos Olivia

Ikos Olivia Review

There is no doubt that Ikos offers 5 star luxury and service which can often be found in the Caribbean. Yet this luxury is in Greece, and is only a 3 hour flight away. And the service we received was impeccable from start to finish. All credit to the wonderful Timos and his amazing staff, who made us feel special from the minute we arrived. And it’s this level of service that will see us returning to Ikos next year. Our 2nd visit to Ikos Olivia was just as perfect as the first.

Pina Colado at Ikos Olivia

We paid for our holiday and flights to Ikos Olivia and we were not asked to review the hotel. But I just had to share the amazing time we had with my readers in this Ikos Olivia review.

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30 thoughts on “Our 2nd visit to Ikos Olivia”

    • You really do feel like you are in paradise with the food, drink, surroundings and not forgetting the amazing service x

  1. Ah its so lovely reading your post, I just loved Olivia too, the service at Ikos is just incredible and the Deluxe area is stunning and perfectly located. Joe loved popping off for a game of football whenever he could get away with it. And that pool omg !!! Thanks so much Katy for the Dolphin Joe loved it and you little note x

    • Bless Katie as she was getting worried that you wouldn’t get the dolphin and note. I knew you would love Olivia Sarah, but then again how an earth could you not fall in love with it and the Ikos service. Can’t believe it was only 3 weeks since we were there (and 2 for you), seems like a lifetime ago now x

    • There is a fantastic kids club that they could go and cause chaos in lol. It really is the most amazing place to holiday, and I am pretty sure we will be returning for our 3rd time next year x

    • Of all the things to have in a Greek shopping mall. I am pretty sure you can imagine the joy on Katie’s face when she saw it lol. I am pretty sure we will be back next year x

    • You couldn’t write it could you!!! At least we knew beforehand this year, rather than last year when she just popped up on the plane and then the hotel. I won’t mention that we enjoyed a few drinks with her one evening (Morgan went back to the suite at this point, though he was happy to have some peace and quiet and PS4 time lol) x

    • We try and explore at least one new place a year, and it definitely felt like we were returning to our special place this year. They made us feel very welcome, and I am pretty sure we will return next year x

    • Aw thanks Nisbah. I think Ikos have seen a gap in the market and bought that Caribbean luxury and service to Europe. I am not a great lover of flying, so just over 3 hours to Greece for such luxury is fantastic x

  2. It’s always good to hear about hotels which people have visited twice. You must have really enjoyed it if you wanted to go again. Not surprised though as it looks lovely. #mondayescapes

    • To be honest Jo, I can’t imagine going anywhere else now if we were staying in Europe and opting for all inclusive again. It really is an amazing place x

  3. So funny about bumping into the head yet again but what an amazing place!! I have seen from Sarahs photos too what a fabulous place it is to stay. I will have to go one day 🙂

    • Oh Tas it really is the ultimate place to relax, and oh my you would LOVE the food. We may have had some drinks with his head of year one night, thankfully Morgan went back to his suite lol x

    • It really is the perfect place Katy. And even has complimentary childcare so busy parents can relax for an afternoon x

  4. What a gorgeous spot, looks like a real luxury stay and sounds like you all really enjoyed the break. I’m going to add this spot to my list although I’m not really a fan of all inclusive as we just love to explore although I can see the benefit of relaxing and not planning where to go. Thanks so much for joining in with #MyFamilyAdventures x

    • It certainly was a luxury stay, and the perfect place to completely shut off from the hustle and bustle of normal family life. Thanks for hosting every month x

  5. This sounds absolutely epic Tracey. There’s always a risk with returning somewhere that you had such an amazing first experience. I’m so glad it turned out to be just as good. Your pictures have made me lust after a bit of sunshine! #MondayEscapes

    • There was a tiny part of me that wondered whether it would be just as amazing as last year. But I can definitely say it was, and we were made to feel so special for returning. I can’t actually imagine holidaying anywhere else now if we were looking for a European beach holiday x

  6. I loved seeing your photos on Instagram so it’s wonderful to read your review. I would love this place. It’s a while since we’ve had a beach holiday but I’m so tempted by everything Ikos Olivia has to offer. Impressed that all-inclusive doesn’t just mean the house wine! Fantastic. No wonder you all had such a an amazing time.

    • Aw thanks for following on instagram Trish, and I am pretty sure you would love Ikos Olivia just as much as we did. The perfect place to relax and watch the world go by, or to get involved and be as active as your want. Or simply work your way through the cocktail list x

  7. Hi Tracey
    Just looking for some advice! We visited Ikos Oceania in July this year with our 12 year old so and had a fabulous time especially as he met so may kids his own age so as he was happy we managed to chill out I just wondered if the ikos Olivia has the same fantastic facilities for kids as we are considering it for next year. We don’t usually go back to the same place twice but we just had a perfect time we couldn’t fault anything! I have enjoyed your blog very much thank you!
    Louise x

    • Hi Louise I am not too sure what kind of activities that Oceania offers in relation to Olivia, but the kids activities are fantastic there. You have the kids clubs but to be honest my daughter (age 11) was too old for them this year, and the teen club was not open when we went in April. There always seemed to be a good group of lads playing football, both organised and games that they set up themselves. I am sure you would not be disappointed with Olivia after Oceania. They are also opening a brand new hotel in Corfu next May too. I love the Ikos (and Sani) brand x


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