6 books you need when travelling with tweens

My 11 year old is a huge book worm, and she can often be found with her nose in a book instead of the iPad. So when it comes to travelling, it has become a tradition that she gets a few new books to take away. And on our recent holiday to Greece, her ‘book  list for holidays’ was written well ahead of her suitcase being packed. Except I wasn’t my normal organised self.

I had failed to order the books she wanted online, and at 4.30am I found myself in the WH Smith at Manchester Airport. Half asleep and having spent a fortune, Katie had her books but I wished I had been more organised.

I had planned to order our holiday books from The Works. We often visit our local store in Cheshire Oaks, and we can easily spend a good half hour browsing the store. But as Katie had her list, I thought I could easily order her books one evening. Plus I had plans to pick up a few holiday reads of my own. Next time I WILL be more organised, especially when The Works have such fantastic offers such as 10 children’s books for just £10.

6 books you need when travelling with teens by Katie Williams aged 11 and 3 months.

Travel Wish list from The Works

1. Sticker Dolly Dressing Travel £5.99

Even at 11 Katie still adores the Sticker Dolly Dressing series from Usborne. And what’s not to love when you have 250 reusable stickers of summer hats, dresses and suitcases. Perfect to get you in the holiday mood in the car, plane or train.

2. My Family Travel Map £7.99

I love this book from Lonely Planet Kids, and would actually buy one for myself. 180 colourful stickers are included to show where you have travelled to on the fold out map. Plus track all the wonderful places you wish to visit.

3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid – The Long Haul £5.99

The Wimpy Kid series from Jeff Kinney are perfect for tweens and teens. And The Long Haul is all about a family road trip. But of course nothing seems to go right for The Heffleys, as their journey takes several wrong turns.

4. Barry Loser and the holiday of doom £5.99

Read all about Barry Loser and his family caravan holiday to Plonkton. And fingers crossed you won’t be having a holiday of doom too.

5. My Travel Journal £6.99

Katie loves writing on holiday, and what better way to remember your memories than with a Travel Journal. With plenty of space to write, draw and colour, this is the perfect holiday scrapbook.

6. Happy Holidays £5.99

Happy Holidays by Jacqueline Wilson is a short collection of stories, puzzles and activities all about summer holidays. A perfect book to dip in and out off in between sunbathing, swimming and having fun.

Written in collaboration with The Works



4 thoughts on “6 books you need when travelling with tweens”

  1. What a lovely selection of books – and what a shame you forgot to get organised in advance! My daughter loves Jacqueline Wilson, but has never read the Wimpy Kid books. My boys read them over and over, though! There’s one of the Tom Gates which is all about the sort of holiday you really don’t want – a caravan park in the torrential rain!

    • I think Katie has the whole collection of The Wimpy Kid and she also enjoys Tom Gates books too. I must admit I really enjoy The Wimpy Kid films, and is one of only a few films that all of us enjoys. The Tom Gates book about the caravan park in the rain sounds good. Sounds like a few holidays we have had lol x

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    • Have you joined any of the facebook groups for bloggers ? I would recommend joining a few as they are invaluable for both new and more established bloggers. Best of luck with your blogging journey x


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