Little Loves – Bad Backs, Child of Our Time and Creative Friends

Another fortnight has passed since I last wrote my Little Loves, and what a funny 2 weeks it has been. The kids went back to school, and for Katie this is her final term at her Primary (all of the sobs from me). And just when we were settling into our normal routine, husband did his back in. For the best part of a week he was lying on the sofa in agony, but thankfully he is on the mend now. We had lunch out on Wednesday, and yesterday he went back to work.

White Lion Pub in Cheshire

Tuna and cheese baguette


I love buying books from charity shops, and I picked this up yesterday for £1.49. I finished reading the previous 2 books in the series just a few weeks ago. Looking forward to starting this as soon as I finish my current book.

Jenny Colgan - The Christmas Surprise


I caught up with Child of Our Time on the BBC. We have watched every episode of this ground breaking documentary, following the lives of a group of children who were born in 2000. I think we have always followed it as our youngest was born in 2002, and is around 18 months younger than the children in the programme. Presented by the amazing Robert Winston, which my husband had the privilege of meeting a few years ago.

Robert Winston


Apart from making lots of cups of tea for my husband, it will come as no surprise that I have made nothing. BUT look at what my clever friend made for me. She is SO creative and is always making me little presents which mean to the world to me. Thank you Claire if you are reading this.

Creative friends


Tales from the teen about his hiking weekend for his silver Duke of Edinburgh. He went straight from school last Friday, and returned at 3pm on the Sunday. He hiked for well over 10 hours during the weekend, and of course he came back shattered, smelly and slightly sun burnt (naughty me forgot to remind him to pack sun cream). There was no chance of getting a picture of him complete with ruck sack, so here is the top of his head in Greece…. the normal teen stance.

Teen stance


And just when you get a glimpse of spring, it is cruelly snatched away from you and back out come the winter boots. Please make up your mind weather. I think a few days ago we had sleet, rain, sun, wind, thunder and lightening, all in one day.

And lastly

I keep forgetting that we have another bank holiday weekend to look forward to. With the husband being off work poorly, I have lost track of the days. We have no plans apart from going to see Katie in her dance show on Saturday. She is dancing at our local theatre and is very excited. Have a lovely weekend x

Little Loves

22 thoughts on “Little Loves – Bad Backs, Child of Our Time and Creative Friends”

  1. I have watched all of Child of Our Time too. It’s such a fascinating programme. I watched with my Mom as she loved the 7-up similar style documentary. I love Helena, she’s such a character! And the twins. Brilliant show
    Hope the DofE goes well. I absolutely hated doing mine. I’m not the camping type I found out!!

    • Gosh yes I remember the 7-up documentaries too. I love following all the children, and it’s like a parenting advice class for us having a nearly 15 year old lol. His DofE went really thanks, apart from getting a little sunburnt x

    • I think it’s because we have just had 2 bank holidays isn’t it. Feel like I don’t need another one quite yet. Have a lovely weekend too x

  2. Love the teen stance it’s a typical one hahaha Sounds ace hiking in scotland. wow. and your trip to greece still in awe. Sounds like a great documentary haven’t heard of it until now. Happy bank holiday weekend #littleloves

    • Child of Our Time is fascinating Jenny. It’s been lovely to see the children grow up over the years, and it definitely strikes a chord with me having a similar aged child x

  3. The pic of your son made me laugh, it’s pretty much identical to the ones I have of my daughter. The only way I get photos of her face is if I stalk her instagram account for a selfie! Your poor hubby, hope his back is better soon. And good luck to Katie today for her dance show. Have a lovely weekend x

    • All these teens are going to grow up with neck ache from all the looking down they do! Aw thank you, she absolutely loved her dance show yesterday, and made us very proud. Enjoy your weekend too x

    • It’s fascinating to see how much they have changed. One boy was really shy and nervous when he was a toddler, and now he has lots of friends and looked a right party animal! Just goes to show you never know how they are going to turn out x

    • It’s fascinating isn’t it. It actually made me a little emotional as they all turned 16, torn between excited for our 14 year old son, and part of me wanted to keep him in his room until he turned 30 lol x

  4. Glad to hear your hubby is on the mend nothing worse than a bad back. I didn’t realise child of our time was back on, it’s such a good programme and I think Professor Winston is such a brilliant man. Hope Katie enjoys her dance show.

    • Thanks Angela, he is still in a little pain but alot better than what he was. Professor Winston is amazing isn’t he, and I am slightly jealous that my husband got to meet him. Aw thanks the dance show went really well x

  5. Your poor husband! Glad to hear he is on the mend. I love the little creation your friend made for you. Well done to your son for his expedition! For some reason my son hasn’t got himself organised to start on his Silver.

    • Thanks Sarah, he is always on the go so last weekend was really hard being confined to the sofa. It was his practice for his Silver hike and he does the real thing in June x

  6. Ah I have watched it since the beginning as Jack was born in 2000 it is an incredible documentary. 10 miles is so far I am glad the walk went well and yes the last term of primary school, sad times xx

    • Aw you have a 2000 baby, it must be even more emotional for you watching it, or is that just me who cries at anything lol. I was really proud of him doing 10 miles. He just has to do it all again next month for the proper hike x

  7. I missed Child of Our Time this time around, I really must get it on catch up before it’s too late. It’s such a fascinating series to follow isn’t it?
    Hope Katie’s dance show went well xx

    • I have loved watching it since it began back in 2000, and it has been lovely to see the children turning 16. I wonder at what age they will stop following them. Katie’s show was brilliant and I was so proud of her x


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