Top tips for having a stress-free holiday

Holidays are great fun, but there’s no doubt they bring with them some level of stress. Missed flights, lost luggage, and family arguments are just some of the potential disruptions to your otherwise relaxing break. To make sure you can truly relax on your holiday, here are some top tips for having a stress-free holiday.

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  • Get everyone involved in the planning

Unless you’re travelling solo, don’t make all the decisions about where you’re going and what you’ll be doing yourself. Partners or family members can feel pushed out if they don’t get a say in the upcoming holiday. Give them a chance to express what they want to be doing, and how they’d like to relax.

Planning a holiday can be stressful, and it’s important that you look after yourself. CBD oil is used for general wellness and can be added to drinks, smoothies and food to keep you calm and focused while planning.

You’ve got to take everyone’s preferences into account – even if this means allowing people their own day to plan. Splitting up the responsibilities is a great way of planning group holidays. Check out more tips on planning a group getaway.

  • Don’t leave your valuables unattended

This guide about unattended luggage asks you to ponder a few scenarios. You’re sipping cocktails by the pool when a passer-by snatches your bag from under your sun lounger. You’re on a crowded bus in Mexico when your purse is pinched from your back pocket. You’ve left your binoculars in the boot of your car while you’re out at the water park. When you come back some hours later you see that your car has been broken into.

These situations are stressful, but as long as you’ve made a report to the police and resort staff ASAP, your insurance should cover you. It won’t cover you, however, if you’ve forgotten items, left them out of sight, left them with a hotel concierge or a stranger, or were too drunk. Minimise stress by avoiding these situations.

  • Get your travel money sorted

Everyone knows you can be charged a fortune at the currency exchanges at airports. Although your best bet is probably to pay for as much as possible on a credit card, most people like to arrive with cash ready to spend. But they don’t want to be ripped off last minute. Luckily, you can get the best exchange rates for advance purchases.

Do you have any tips for minimising stress when you travel ?

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