Little Loves – The Stranger and celebrating birthdays

I very nearly didn’t write this post about sharing the things that happened in January, but then I felt inspired after reading Suzanne’s Little Loves post from Inside, Outside and Beyond.

January is usually one of my favourite months, but the month was dominated by yet more illness, and I wrote about the birthday that never happened. However, Little Loves is about seeing the positives, and if we look hard enough there is always something to smile about.


I’ve set myself a target of reading 2 books a month, the same as last year, and I actually managed to read 3 in January. That was down to being stuck in bed for nearly a week, and the only thing keeping me going was being engrossed in a good book.

Reading Pile


It has to be The Stranger on Netflix, one of the best series I have seen in a long time. Based on a Harlan Coben novel, it is full of twists and turns and will have you guessing right until the end. And if you’ve seen it and are wondering what to watch next, then Safe is another good watch, also by Harlan Coben.


Lots of James Arthur songs. We got Katie tickets to see him for her birthday, so she has been playing him on repeat.


After 2 weeks of being in the house thanks to Labyrinthitis and Vertigo, I ‘made’ it out to finally celebrate both mine and Katie’s birthday. I celebrated with friends and the evening was filled with laughter, chatter and good food. And then we celebrated Katie’s birthday a few nights after at a local restaurant.

Daughter on her birthday


I picked up this dress in Sainsburys a few weeks ago for the bargain price of £22 and I LOVE it. Really comfy to wear and doesn’t crease so a huge win. I have been wearing it with black boots, but I think it would also work well dressed down with trainers, though I am no fashion blogger so don’t hold me to that.

Sainsburys spotty dress

And lastly

It’s half term next week and we don’t have any plans apart from an orthodontist appointment for Katie, and a hospital appointment for me. Are you up to anything over half term ?

6 thoughts on “Little Loves – The Stranger and celebrating birthdays”

  1. I’m so glad you finally managed to celebrate your birthdays! I hope the coming weeks and months are free of health problems for you.
    You made me laugh with your ‘I’m no fashion blogger’! Your dress looks lovely.
    Hope you have a good half term – ours sounds similar – doctor for my daughter on Monday and dentist for the two kids on Wednesday.

    • Yes it wasn’t the most exciting half term but we got through it. I am definitely no fashion blogger lol, but I am so pleased with the dress. Really comfy to wear and it doesn’t need ironing so a huge win x

  2. That dress is lovely. I am glad you got out to celebrate both yours and Katie’s birthdays. I hope you feel better soon and things improve. The books sound good and I’ve been watching The Stranger too. Hugs and love xx

    • The Stranger is SO good isn’t it, definitely the best thing I’ve watched on TV for a long time. Yes I’m glad we finally got out to celebrate our birthdays at long last x

    • Thank you Gemma I am getting there slowly. Yes I’ve picked up some really lovely items from Sainsburys recently, such good value too x


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