The birthday that never happened in 2020

I love January because I celebrate my birthday this month, and what’s not to love when you are guaranteed at least one day filled with cake and presents. Plus we have more celebrations as Katie’s birthday is three days after mine. This year I was especially looking forward to it, as for us December had been pretty much a write off with various colds, coughs and blocked ears.

I was ready to celebrate turning 46. I had a lovely week planned of catching up with friends, a few meals with the family, and on my birthday itself a much needed day with Hywel, as we were off to Cheshire Oaks for shopping and eating. And then it all came crashing down.

Labyrinthitis and Vertigo

Not intent on just having blocked ears, my body decided to give me Labyrinthitis, which led to severe Vertigo for good measure. I have never suffered with Vertigo before, and I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. On my first day of suffering I couldn’t even lift my head from the pillow without vomiting, and the next day when an actual Doctor was at the side of my bed, I felt my birthday slip away from me.

I am used to suffering with ear problems, as I was diagnosed with Tinnitus over 10 years ago, and any kind of ear infection can be incredibly painful. Auris Ear Care specialise in ear infection treatment such as discharge from the ear, dizziness and ear infections.

I thought I would be more upset having the birthday that never happened, but if the truth be told I was just too poorly to even think about it. I managed to open my presents at around 4pm, and I’ve still not put my cards up. My fine dining birthday meal was McDonald’s in bed, and then I went back to sleep. Not quite the way I had planned on turning 46.

After five whole days of being in bed, I managed to escape the confines of the bedroom, and at least I was able to get downstairs and be part of Katie’s birthday, as she turned 14 last Saturday. All was not lost, and she had a lovely birthday surrounded by her friends and family.

I still plan on celebrating my birthday, plus my husband owes me a shopping trip around Cheshire Oaks, and I’m definitely not missing out on that.

8 thoughts on “The birthday that never happened in 2020”

  1. Oh no! How awful. It’s rubbish being poorly at any time of the year but extra bad to be poorly on your birthday! I hope you are feeling a bit better now and you get to celebrate soon. Happy belated birthday x

    • Aw thank you Kim. It was a rubbish day and yes I will certainly be celebrating when I am better which I am hoping is very soon x

    • It has certainly been a testing 6 months but we are getting through it. January has ended on a lovely note as I’ve managed to get out a few times to celebrate both mine and Katie’s birthday which has been nice x

    • That is very true Joy… at least I could have McDonald’s, I feel for anybody who is having a celebration during lockdown x


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