Little Loves – Trip to Bath, Ben Howard and my love for Instagram

I am writing this week’s Little Loves post a little hungover, after enjoying a few gins with friends last night. It’s the end of our half term and what a fabulous week it has been.


Lots of information on Bath. As it was our first time in this beautiful city, we gathered up lots of leaflets to plan our days. We had fun exploring the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey and a fabulous bus tour around the city.

Bath Leaflets

Bath Abbey

Roman Baths - Bath

The Weir in Bath


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Hmmmm not my type of film, but the husband and kids seemed to enjoy it.

Miss Peregrine home for peculiar children


Ah sorry to use it again, but it has to be memories. Whilst we did lots of exploring there was also plenty of time spent chilling out in the lodge. We spent our evenings playing cluedo, connect four, UNO and trivial pursuit. Plus there were no tears and no arguments.


Ben Howard will now always remind me of our little trip to Bath. Everytime we went into the reception or restaurant on site, Ben was playing in the background.  He has now been added to my Spotify list, and will bring back memories of dining and drinking at Bath Mill Lodge where we stayed.

Bath Mill Lodge Retreat

Steak at Bath Mill Lodge Retreat


Over to the 11 year old as she is way more fashionable than her 43 year old mother. Katie loves fashion, and her shop of choice at the moment is Primark. To be honest you can’t go wrong with the prices, and the quality seems to have improved over the years. She still has money left over from Christmas and her birthday, and whilst in Bath she got this new black, white and grey jumper. The handbag is also from Primark (£7) and perfect for carrying her phone, lip balm and money around. When did my daughter get so grown up.

Primark Jumper


And lastly

I have been trying to improve my instagram the past few weeks, trying to take better pictures and use appropriate hashtags. These are my instagram pictures of Bath, and whilst I usually struggle to get 20 likes, one of my pictures had 86 likes. Small fry compared to some people, but I was really pleased with achieving more likes and comments. Instagram is fast becoming my favourite social media platform at the moment.

Instagram - A Williams World



16 thoughts on “Little Loves – Trip to Bath, Ben Howard and my love for Instagram”

  1. It sounds like you had a brilliant trip to Bath and well done on the Instagram! It’s not surprising, your photos are beautiful. I don’t get many likes either – I don’t think I’ve ever got as many as 86.
    Your little fashionista looks lovely in her Primark outfit. My daughter has just discovered Primark and has started requesting trips to town specifically to look at clothes! It feels very strange, but I guess that’s what girls do when they get a bit older.

    • Sarah we absolutely loved the break and the kids are already asking to go back, which is always a winner. Aw thank you about my photos, I am certainly no expert and the pictures are always taken with my iPhone. Our daughters sound so similar in many ways. The amount of times I have stood in Primark lately whilst she spends ages looking around x

  2. What a lovely week, The girls grow up all of a sudden don’t they, it’s scary. I’m loving instagram too at the moment and trying to put a little more effort into it.

    • Thanks Angela, it was a really lovely chilled out break. Yes they certainly do grow up suddenly, and no idea where she gets her love of clothes from (though I can hazard a guess that magazines play a part) x

  3. Tracey it looked so lovely I have never been to Bath either, I am loving you pics on Instagram at the moment and well done on the likes that is really great, I will be stalking you again in not too many weeks arghh ! In fact Joe wants you to check out the inflatable choice from the shop for him, I kid you not ha ha xx

    • That is so funny about the inflatable choice, but I guess that is top of your list when you are 11. I will certainly instagram the choice just for him. Ah you would love Bath too. Where we stayed was amazing and 10 minutes into beautiful Bath. It was the perfect break for us all x

    • Food pics are especially for you my fellow foodie 🙂 Tas you would love the beauty of Bath, so much to do yet I found it such a calming city x

  4. Oh I love Bath, but haven’t been for years. You’ve inspired me to plan a city break there. Your 11 year old has a great sense of style! She’s so similar to my eldest girl in her choices. I know my N would love that jacket! x

    • Aw glad I have inspired you Morgana. I have just finished writing my post on what we did if you ever fancy a read. I remember you saying our daughters are so alike in their style. The jacket was from Primark and was a bargain at £14 x

    • Thank you Rachel, I have been trying hard to improve my pictures. She definitely has her own little sense of style now, and she loves going clothes shopping x


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