What I am focusing on this month – March and April goals

I know it’s the middle of March already, and I promise that one month I will be posting my goals on the 1st, but I guess they are better late than never.

What I am focusing on this month - March and April goals

You would have noticed from the title that I am combining my March and April goals. Next month is a busy one for us with a holiday, Easter, and of course the children being off school for 2 weeks, so I thought it made sense to combine the 2 months.  I have also replaced the home goals for holiday goals, as let’s face it, ticking things off a holiday list is much more interesting than deep cleaning your kitchen !!

Blogging goals

Continue attending the Working Wednesday group

Update the ‘about me’ page on my blog

Update blog header

SEO and update 8 posts

Pitch to 2 travel companies

Holiday goals

Book airport parking

Add suitcase to our flight booking

Order Euros

Check in online and allocate seating

Sort out holiday clothes and buy what we need

Personal goals

Read 4 books

Continue to wear my Fitbit and increase my steps week by week

Do a random act of kindness

Give up crisps and bars of chocolate for Lent

Cook more

You can find out how I did in my February goals here, and I will be popping back at the end of April to see how I did during March and April.


10 thoughts on “What I am focusing on this month – March and April goals”

  1. What great goals and how lovely to have holiday goals to look forward to! One day I’m going to pick your brains on updating SEO because I’m sure there’s more I could be doing, but I don’t know how! Good luck with life without chocolate and crisps. My eldest has given up sweet stuff. He doesn’t actually eat much of it anyway, but I’d still struggling a bit! X

    • Oh goodness I am no expert in SEO and I often wonder whether I am actually doing it right. But the posts that I have updated are seeing increasing views so who knows lol. I thought it would be harder with giving up crisps but so far so good, chocolate not so good. Good luck to your eldest x

  2. Loving that you have included holiday goals, not long now it’s so exciting. I have been so unfocused this month so I really must get back to it. I could do with following your lead and giving up crisps and chocolate. Best of luck with your goals x

    • Thanks Angela, and I can’t believe it’s only 3 and a half weeks until we go away. I really must get cracking on those holiday goals and get some more ticked off this week x

  3. I love that you are doing these goals, I am so busy with work at the moment it is impossible to put any goals in place but I really need to do a lot with my blog so maybe a monthly goal might help me


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