A midweek catch up

I realised the other day that I haven’t done a catch up post for a few weeks, so today is the day that I sit down, open my laptop, and have a think about what we have been up to the past few weeks. It’s hard to think back to those few days of Spring we were blessed with, when the wind is currently blowing a gale outside. On the upside we are on serious countdown to our holiday, and 4 weeks today I will be sipping a Pina Colada in Greece.

A midweek catch up

Good old Netflix and a little bit of nostalgia

We had to give Dirty John a watch on netflix, after the whole of social media seemed to be watching it. We both really enjoyed it, and it’s hard to believe it’s based on a true crime podcast.

And Suits Season 8 has finally finished, and what an amazing series it has been. I can’t give too much away, but having watched Suits from the very beginning, the final scene gave me so much joy, and yes a tear might have been shed.

Hands up if you remember This Life ? People of a ‘certain age’  will remember the TV show that first aired in 1996, and I was obsessed with following the lives of the law graduates in London. So imagine my delight when the husband bought me the box set for my birthday, and a few nights ago we started watching it. It’s hard to think back to a time when we didn’t have mobile phones in our lives, computers took up the whole of our desk, and back in the nineties we had no clue what Brexit was. Oh the nostalgia.

This Life - BBC DVD

Date nights and meals out

Would you believe that Katie has had 4 sleepovers in 4 weeks, which has given me the opportunity for some much needed time with the husband. Last weekend we went to Prezzo, and used my Buyagift voucher I purchased a few weeks ago. I have worked with Buyagift in the past, and will also be working with them again soon, but I love the value for money you get with their vouchers. The Taste of Italy voucher was only £22.50, which gives you a 3 course meal for two people, plus a glass of wine each. What a bargain.

Prezzo 3 course meal with Buy a Gift

Prezzo - Italian Dining

Working Wednesdays

Every other Wednesday I get the chance to meet up with a small group of bloggers, and business people, for Working Wednesday. We meet in a gorgeous hotel in Chester with our laptops, and it’s a chance to swop ideas, work in the company of others, chat, and drink copious cups of coffee. And occasionally we even indulge in a few mocktails together. I am so grateful for Working Wednesday, and being surrounded by such inspiring women once a fortnight.

Working Wednesday

School Reports and changing direction

The kids’s school reports were posted out to us this week, and whilst I thought it was a strange time of year for them, they both made me smile. Both kids are doing really well at school, have a brilliant attendance record, and scored excellent for their behaviour. Morgan has totally changed direction from where he was in September, when he was starting 6th form. He has changed all 3 subjects, and reading his report made me incredibly proud. He could have easily stuck his head in the sand, but he tackled the problem head on. He has not only caught up, but is ahead in some of his subjects. It just goes to show that changing direction can often be the right thing to do.

Full on holiday planning

With just 4 weeks to go until we return to Ikos Olivia in Greece, I am on full on holiday mode. The airport parking has been booked, I have checked in online and our seats allocated, and I have started to sort out my holiday wardrobe. Of course it’s the holiday law that you have to purchase a few new clothes, and I ordered this jumpsuit from Sainsburys. Being plus size I would normally shy away from jumpsuits, but I absolutely love it. It’s super comfy, flattering, and was only £20. Oh and it has pockets too, win win. Picture from the Sainbsurys website.

Sainsburys Jumpsuits