Stationery essentials for 6th Form and College

September is one of my favourite months, not just because the kids go back to school and we welcome routine back into our lives, but you get the joy of purchasing shiny new stationery. Being a blogger, I always have a few notebooks on the go, but September is a pretty good excuse to stock up on a few more. And not only do I get the thrill of buying new stationery for myself, but I also get the joy of ‘helping’ the kids buy their things for the new school year.

Stationery essentials for 6th form and college

Now my 12 year old daughter is always organised for her return to school, but the teen boy is slightly different. After asking him several times over the summer holidays whether he needed new stationery for 6th form, I was met with ‘I just need a pen’. Two weeks of him being in the 6th form, and he has realised that he needs slightly more than ‘just a pen’.

So if you too have a son or daughter going into 6th form or college this year, I have listed a few of the things that my son has bought over the last week.Stationery essentials for 6th form and college

1  A whiteboard AND noticeboard is the perfect combination to keep all your timetables, homework details, and to do lists together.

2  A pack of highlighters is a must to see you through 6th form or college.

3  Another must is notebooks. We purchased 3 hardback notebooks, one for each subject he is studying at 6th form.

4  Polly Pockets are perfect for keeping all those subject notes together.

5  Okay, he may have said he just needed a pen to get him through 6th form, but I am pretty sure that one pen would have been lost in the first few days. Let’s hope this box of pens sees him through to his A Levels in 2 years.

We are quite lucky in that our 6th form supplies things like folders, and also subject books, though I am sure that more essentials will be requested over the next few months. Have we missed anything off the list ?

All the items above can be purchased from Office Stationery online.

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