Make a statement this Autumn with these cosy design tips

Farewell, Summer! We’ve had an amazing Summer and the weather has been very kind to us. But with the seasons seemingly changing overnight, I am ready to dig out my tights and boots, long coats and umbrellas, and bracing ourselves for whatever Autumn has to throw at us. We can get our wardrobes ready, but what about our homes?

Make a statement this Autumn

Getting the house ready for the colder months of the year might seem like a mammoth task, but did you know that you can have fun with it to? Below are some ideas to get your house ready for the next season.

Light it up

Those seemingly endless summer evenings seem like a distant memory already, and many of us aren’t looking forward to the prospect of coming home from work in the dark, my husband included. So, make sure your house is ready for the dark nights ahead. Update your kitchen ceiling with some stylish and energy saving LED lights – you can check them out on this website – make sure any dark corners in your living room, bedroom or hallway are filled with light from a new standing lamp or stylish table light.

There isn’t a doubt about the fact that we know festivities have arrived when we see lights hung up on the roads where the most important markets and shops are. If you are in the mood to make your home look festive and attractive during the holidays, the same illuminating rules can be applied to your home interiors. According to, LED and neon lights can help you create a great holiday atmosphere. If you’re in the festive spirit or if you feel like you just want to refresh your decor a bit, giving your property some modern illumination will improve how you feel within your home and make you see it in a different way.

And who says fairy lights are just for Christmas? Adding a touch of sparkle and a twinkle of light around potted plants, door frames, mirrors, and even the bannister will fill your home with warmth and cosiness. I love my daughter’s bedroom as she has filled it with countless fairy lights, and it’s so cosy in the evenings.

And don’t forget outside too. Try installing a few solar lights up to the front door, or a new security light near the garage or in the garden. You’ll feel safer coming home, plus it will make your house feel really welcoming.

Your accessories

It’s time to get rid of all those summer accessories, and all those light and fresh colours. Try swapping your fresh summer flowers for deeply coloured scented candles, and swap those sea shells for pine cones you’ve collected on an autumn walk through the woods.


Autumn is a time for layering up so dig out all those old throws, cushions and blankets that were banished to the linen closet all those months ago, and welcome them back into your life. Make your living room extra cosy by piling up cushions, adding blankets to chairs, and swapping your light, pale colours for rich greens, oranges and dusky yellows. Don’t forget your bedding too.

Autumn Throws from Primark

Dress your windows

Having a pair of thick, lined curtains will add a sense of depth and warmth to any room. It’s also great for keeping the heat in and saving on energy. Floor length curtains really make a grand statement, but think twice if your radiator is under the window, as they may prevent the heat from the radiator getting out.

Warm it up with paint

A house can look a little tired after the long summer months, so if you’re planning on updating, then why not breathe some new life into rooms with some gorgeous paint. Painting walls rich in bold colours will add depth and warmth to any room. If you’re a little apprehensive about painting a whole wall, then stick to a feature wall instead. We updated our bedroom a few months ago, and went for a feature wall in navy. I must admit it works really well against the other 3 walls that are painted in grey.

Do you have any other tips for updating your home for Autumn?

Changing your home for Autumn




4 thoughts on “Make a statement this Autumn with these cosy design tips”

    • There is SO MUCH good stuff on the TV too at the moment, we definitely seem to be getting spoiled after a rubbish summer of television. I have just shut the blinds now and about to light the candles x

  1. This weekend I have been arranging lamps, re ranging my fire place and lighting candles. I am so excited about the season, especially now I am feeling ready for it and I love sparkly lights in a vase x

    • I have not tried sparkly lights in a vase yet, though I am sure I could sneak some past Hywel when he is out at work. Men never notice these things do they lol. Just about to light my candles which I think is fast becoming my favourite part of the day x


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