The perfect night in

Who doesn’t look forward to evenings.  A chance to relax, have a meaningful conversation with your other half, and catch up with your favourite tv programmes. But in reality you flop down on the sofa, can never agree on what to watch, and then grunt at each other as social media sucks you in.

Perfect night in

So every Saturday we have decided we will have a ‘perfect night in’. From catching up on our favourite box sets (currently on Gilmore Girls, Series 6), to actually agreeing on a film to watch together. Our phones will be banished upstairs, snacks will be consumed, and the obligatory candles will be lit. All setting the scene for our Saturday night in. Well we all know that staying in on a Saturday is the new going out, right.

Having older kids that no longer go to bed at 7pm (gosh I miss those days), they will occasionally leave the confines of their bedrooms and venture downstairs. Now trying to ALL agree on a tv programme or film to watch can literally take hours. But last weekend our daughter was away with Scout camp, and the film decision was made in about 10 seconds.

Now I LOVE The Hangover films, nothing to do with Bradley Cooper looking mighty fine in them (cough). I have probably watched them around 15 times, and it was time to introduce the teen to them. So we all settled down on the sofa, the film snacks were shared, and we laughed our way through the next 2 hours.

The Hangover Film

Now anyone with teens will know that ANY time spent with them is pretty precious. Spending time with your parents is way down the list, behind time with friends and playing on Play Stations (sob). But occasionally you will look back at an evening and smile to yourself and think….. that was a pretty perfect night in.

The trouble is they are now planning there own perfect nights in. Which will no doubt include Game of Thrones and Star Wars. I am sure I can balance it out with a few Rom Coms though.

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