Little Loves – High School Transition, Heatwaves and Fluffy Owls

Well what a week that was. There was only one thing we were all talking about, and of course that was the heat. It has been far too hot to cook, and we have had a few meals out this week which has been lovely. You can’t beat family time, nice food and lots of chatter and laughing.

Chiquitos Dessert

Chiquitos food


I haven’t read anything of interest this week.


Gorgeous fluffy owls flying. My husband had got me an Owl Experience for my birthday back in January, and only I could make the booking on the hottest day of the year. But what an experience it was. We got to fly a variety of owls from the gorgeous snowy owl, to a tiny 8 week old owl. I learnt everything there is to know about owls during the 3 hour experience, and it was really was the perfect gift from my husband.

Owl Experience

Cheshire Owl Experience


8 week old owl


As little as possible during the heatwave. Does making lots of ice count ? That’s about it for my efforts this week.


Lots of tales from the 11 year old. She has had a brilliant week starting off with Scout Camp at the weekend. And then on Tuesday she had her very first transition day at high school. I have talked in the past about the amazing transition she gets, and she was very excited to spend a whole day at her new high school. And if that wasn’t enough excitement for the week, Monday was an inset day and I took her shopping. I spent a WHOLE HOUR in Primark with her, and I definitely deserved a gin that evening.

High School Transition


I bought this a few days ago, and it has stopped me from looking like a shiny hot tomato in this heat. And a bargain at only £3.99 from Boots.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

And lastly

We are heading back to Greece on Monday, and we will be checking out the brand new Sani Dunes Hotel ahead of its official opening on the 30th June. I am still pinching myself that we are going, and if you have been following Sarah (Extraordinary Chaos) and Karen (Mini Travellers) this week, you would have caught a glimpse of the new hotel. Sani is part of the Ikos group, and as we have visited Ikos Olivia twice, I know Sani will be just as amazing. Have a lovely week x



18 thoughts on “Little Loves – High School Transition, Heatwaves and Fluffy Owls”

  1. What a great present idea! It looks like you really enjoyed it.
    Oh gosh, transition day for highschool? I remember mine so well still. I can’t believe how quickly our kids grow up.
    Have a lovely weekend and enjoy Greece (so jealous!!) xx

    • It goes in the blink of an eye doesn’t it Morgana. It is starting to hit me that I will be saying goodbye to primary school after 11 years. Getting so excited now for Greece, just need to finish packing tomorrow x

  2. Ah the transition to high school sounds lovely! Your owl experience sounds amazing! I’m a bit freaked out by things that fly, but this sounds like a wonderful thing to do. Have a wonderful holiday xx

    • Funnily enough I usually hate things flying towards me too, but it helps that you turn your back to the owls as they fly towards you. It was a great experience and they were SO cute x

  3. Oh my, enjoy Greece – it sounds amazing! I know how you feel about not doing much this week, which is why I didn’t join in with Little Loves – it’s just been too hot! But at least you got to watch owls; gorgeous creatures aren’t they?

    • Aw Suzanne the owls were amazing, and the cute 8 week old ones were SO cute. Only a little big bigger than our budgie. The heat has been so draining hasn’t it. Be prepared for Greece spam from Monday (sorry) x

  4. Your holiday sounds like it will be amazing. I’m glad your daughter enjoyed her settling in day at high school. I’m dreading mine going as I hated high school!

    • Aw did you, what a shame. I had a really good experience at high school, and I hope my daughter has the same experience. It’s such a big step but the high school transitions seem far better than when I was a child x

  5. Love your butterfly dress! And that baby owl is teeny! Glad your daughter enjoyed her day at high school. I’m dreading mine starting her new school when we move – and she’s 15! I’m so jealous you’re off to Greece again. Your last hotel review was amazing and had me looking up the hotels, they look absolutely heavenly. Can’t wait to see your pics from the next one. Have fun x

    • Thank you, I have had the dress for a few years now but perfect for a heatwave. Hope she settles really quickly in her new school. It must be a worry for you, and sending lots of love and hugs for your move. I am sure I will be sharing lots of Greece pictures next week (sorry) x

  6. Your owl experience sounds amazing, I’m glad the heat didn’t spoil it for you. I think transition day for us at high school was spending half the day there once, it’s so bitter sweet isn’t it, the end of primary school. Have a fabulous time in Greece x

    • Transition days have come a LONG way since I was at high school lol. She has had a brilliant 2 days at high school, and goes back for a full week in the summer holidays. Greece was amazing thank you x

  7. Wow! Have an amazing trip! I’ll be looking out for your photos.
    Your owl experience looks brilliant, but I’m sure you could have done with it being a few degrees cooler.
    You deserve a medal for your hour in Primark and I’m so glad your girl enjoyed her day at high school. x

    • Thankfully I only struggled with the heat towards the end, which was pretty good as it was 3 hours stood in a field with a fluffy owl on your arm. Greece was amazing and sorry for all the holiday spam on my instagram feed lol x

  8. What a blooming great present. We have seen owls at an adventure park and hey were so interesting. Have a wonderful time in Greece, I have seen your adventures on IG and it really does look stunning. #littleloves

    • The owl experience was amazing, and yes my husband earned some brownie points for such a thoughtful gift. Greece was amazing as you can no doubt tell from my IG feed x

    • The owls were amazing Sarah especially the cute 8 week old one. Oh Sani is just incredible isn’t it. I could have stayed there for the rest of the summer x


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