Little Loves – Beach Fun, Celebrity Baking and Summer Dress Shopping

How has it been 3 weeks since I joined in with Little Loves. Life seems to be busy at the moment…. a good busy so I won’t complain. I have had some lovely blog events and reviews over the past few weeks, with more on the horizon.

Daughter and Lisa Faulkner


After hearing so many good things about Big Little Lies, I picked up the book in Sainsburys last week. Always a winner when you can combine food shopping with book buying, and at less than £4 it was a bargain. I have not started it yet as I am saving it for when we go on holiday. But I have been reading my OK magazine. Husband got me a 6 month subscription for our wedding anniversary (whatever happened to diamonds), so I have been immersing myself in the celebrity world.

Big Little Lies


We are still watching Gilmore Girls and are currently coming to the end of series 5. We started watching it in January, so definitely no binge watching in our house. We tend to watch 1 episode an evening, which I guess is the result of having older kids who go to bed later. Less time for tv watching.


During half term, Katie and I travelled down to London for an amazing blogging event. We got the opportunity to bake with the lovely Lisa Faulkner, and we made Madeleine Hot Air Balloons. Being the independent 11 year old that Katie is, my help was not needed apart from the occasional whisk and tidying up. We both loved the day, and agreed that we should do more baking together at home.

Baking with Lisa Faulkner

Icing cakes

Finished madeleines


The sound of seagulls as we headed to Lytham St Annes a few weeks ago. There is nothing like getting out in the fresh air and enjoying the seaside. We spent the day in a beach hut and it was just what we needed. The kids got on, we had fish and chips overlooking the beach, and we played football on the sand.

Fish and Chips at the beach

Beach hut at Lytham


Not quite wearing yet, but I have been shopping for lots of summer dresses as we are off to Greece soon. And you can never have too many dresses can you, well that’s the line I keep saying to the husband.

And lastly

I had a fantastic evening with my mum last week. We went to our local Hallmark Hotel for a 3 course meal, and it was such a nice evening. We chatted, ate nice food and I came away thinking we should do it more often.

Me and my mum




14 thoughts on “Little Loves – Beach Fun, Celebrity Baking and Summer Dress Shopping”

  1. Ahhh mum time is always the very best. So glad you had a good time. Your little one is gorgeous curls and all. Sounds like she had a great time too. Happy weekend ahead in the sunshine. #littleloves

    • Thank you Jenny, she does indeed have gorgeous curls but my goodness her hair gets so knotty. The weekend has been absolutely glorious hasn’t it x

  2. What a lovely way to spend quality time with your mum. Looks like your daughter had a fantastic time at the baking event, great experience for her. I need to start buying holiday clothes (trying to think about what to say to my hubby!).

    Enjoy your weekend xx

    • Just sneak the clothes in Stacie, husbands never notice new clothes lol. The baking event was a lovely experience for us both, though I am still pretty rubbish at baking. Hope you had a lovely weekend in the sunshine x

    • Ah thanks Donna. She seems to have really grown up over the past few weeks, and she is off to High School soon. It was nice to spend some time with my mum x

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely evening with your mum. I can’t wait to move near mine soon and be able to just pop over and see her or take her out for a nice meal again. That beach hut looks lovely, what a lovely little place to escape to. And those fish and chips – yum! Hope you’re having a great weekend x

    • The beach hut was amazing, and you can’t not have fish and chips when you are at the seaside can you. Weekend was so glorious with all that sunshine. Certainly makes everybody happier seeing the sun x

  4. That blog event looks like it was loads of fun. It’s lovely to have some quality 1-1 time isn’t it?
    Yay for Lytham St Annes, one of our favourite places, especially at this time of year. xx

    • I remember Lytham being one of your favourite places Morgana. Spending the day in the beach huts was amazing, and I am hoping we can do it again in the summer holidays. The baking event was such a lovely day spent with Katie and Lisa Faulkner x

  5. What a lovely week. The blogging event looks like so much fun and your little baking creations look so yummy and you can’t beat a little beach session with some fish and chips. I really want to read and watch Big Little Lies, I’ve heard so many things about it. Adding to my reading list! 🙂 xx

    • Thank you Chloe it was an amazing event, the kind that you pinch yourself when the email pinged into my inbox a few months ago. The beach hut was a fantastic day out, and will hopefully get to do it again in the summer holidays x

    • Ah it was great to meet you too Sarah, and can’t believe we were both at Blog On too. I loved everything about the event, and how Lisa spent so much time talking to the children x


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