A Little Loves catch up – Greek Holidays and Easter

I thought it was about time I did a Little Loves catch up, as I have really missed writing about what we have been up to. If you didn’t already know, we have just returned from our Greek holiday to Ikos Olivia in Halkidiki. This was our third visit to Ikos Olivia, and was every bit as amazing as our first visit back in 2016.

Ikos Olivia Deluxe Pool


Since January I have been managing to read two books a month, mainly psychological thrillers which I am loving at the moment. I have just finished 29 Seconds by T.M. Logan, which is the second book I have read by this author.

29 Seconds - T.M Logan

I also read I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh on holiday, and this was another great read. I need to look out for her other books, as I believe they are just as good as this one.

I Let You Go book - Clare Macintosh


My husband got me the This Life box set for my birthday back in January, and we have just finished watching it. If you are lucky to still be in your thirties, or even twenties, you probably won’t have even heard of This Life. But before we knew about Rick Grimes in the Walking Dead, and James Norrington in the Pirates of the Caribbean, these fine actors made a name for themselves in the nineties cult TV Show, This Life.

This Life - BBC DVD

Watching it took me right back to 1996, a time before kids, a husband, and watching television where the characters swopped mobile phones for cigarettes. There was ALOT of smoking in This Life. If you can remember it when it first aired in 1996, I can highly recommend watching it, and immersing yourself back into the mid-nineties.


Lots and lots of weather related talk over the bank holiday weekend. It was so nice to come back from holiday, and actually stay in our summer clothes for once. Whilst we had very few plans for the Easter weekend, it ended up being a lovely 4 days. We ticked off some garden maintenance as we painted the decking, and emptied and then re-filled the hot tub. We enjoyed a very summery afternoon in Chester with friends, and also the husband and I managed a few afternoons sitting in a local beer garden, drinking and eating. What a perfect bank holiday weekend.

Garden with hot tub

Bank holiday weekend

Bank Holiday Weekend


Lovely memories from our holiday to Ikos Olivia. It has been two years since we were last at the hotel, and we were welcomed back by the management team with open arms. We stayed in a one bedroom bungalow suite which overlooked the deluxe pool, and we spent 7 days swimming, eating, drinking, laughing, and just having the most amazing holiday. We are already planning to return next year, and I can still see us holidaying there in 20 years time.

Ikos Olivia in Greece

Ikos Olivia in Greece

Ikos Olivia in Greece

Ikos Olivia in Greece


Lots of summer dresses, and both myself and Katie loved getting ready for the evening whilst we were in Greece. I really stepped out of my comfort zone with some of my dresses, which I also shared over on instagram. In particular, the dress below got so many lovely comments. It was only £18 from Asda, which I thought was great value.

Plus Size dress from Asda

Plus Size Dorothy Perkins dress

Daughter in a Primark dress

And lastly

We are graced with yet another bank holiday weekend, and an Saturday I am off to Blog On, which is a blogging conference in Manchester. I think it’s my 3rd time of going, and I am really looking forward to meeting up with blogging friends, learning new things, and chatting to brands.


21 thoughts on “A Little Loves catch up – Greek Holidays and Easter”

  1. What a gorgeous holiday you’ve had Tracey, your outfits are lovely and the Asda dress looks far more expensive than it’s cost. Glad you came home to enjoy some more nice weather.

  2. I love the outfits you chose Tracey, they look lovely on you. Your holiday looked amazing, I’m not surprised you keep going back the resort looks beautiful and it sounds like the people are lovely too. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday we are well overdue a meet up x

    • Aw thank you Angela and it was lovely ‘hanging out’ together at Blog On at the weekend. We have definitely found our little piece of paradise in Greece, and I bet you are counting down the days to your holiday now x

    • Aw thank you Sam. Sometimes I only see the negatives in it (too small and a funny triangle shape), but you should love what you have right. So glad we got out hot tub 12 months ago, we have used it so much, especially in the winter x

  3. Your holiday looked amazing! Your dresses are stunning too. Glad you enjoyed I Let You Go, you will definitely enjoy her other books.
    Have a fantastic time at BlogOn. I’m sorry I can’t be there with you all this time. X

    • Aww I really missed you on Saturday Sarah, it was strange not having anybody apart from Helen from our little ‘twitter squad’. Our holiday was amazing, and I can’t believe it was only 3 weeks since we were there, it feels like months ago now… sad times x

  4. PS I only caught the very last few episodes of This Life when it was first on, so watched it all when it was shown again in 2000. Unfortunately we were on honeymoon for some of the time, so we had to set two videos to make sure we managed to record it all! Remarkably we didn’t miss a single episode.

    • I LOVE that you had to set TWO videos to make sure it all recorded, these kids today don’t know the thrill of knowing whether anything would actually record. It was so good watching it all again, and took me right back to the mid nineties x

    • It was the most relaxing holiday we have ever had, and the hotel certainly makes it easy to relax if you want to. Can’t wait to go back next year x

    • It was so lovely to come back from holiday to sunshine, it meant I didn’t have to squeeze my bum back into jeans after an all-inclusive holiday lol x

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  6. April sounds like it was a wonderful month for you. The Easter bank holiday was gorgeous weather wasn’t it? It’s a shame it’s turned so miserable of late. I’ve read some of the Clare Mackintosh books and I’ve realkg enjoyed them, Will have to add the one you mentioned to my book list. Hope you have a wonderful May, thank you so much for linking up with Little Loves xx

    • Yes it was a wonderful month, and the weather has turned terrible hasn’t it. I am back in my jeans and boots, which is such a shame. Good old British weather eh x


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