Hong Kong Travel Advice

Are you thinking about travelling to Hong Kong when the world returns to normal ? Are you a travel enthusiast who always enjoys exploring new places ? If your answer to this question is yes, why don’t you consider touring around Hong Kong. There are so many different attractions in Hong Kong, you would need to spend years if not months to discover all that the area has to offer.

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However, before deciding to travel to Hong Kong, there are several things you will need to observe, especially if you are visiting from other countries. You don’t want to look like a lost stranger in the streets of Hong Kong, and that’s why it’s advisable to read the following travel advice before making your visit.

Essential aspects to think about when planning your Tour to Hong Kong

Assuming this is the first time you are planning to visit Hong Kong, the following advice will help to make your life a bit easier. Read them and don’t forget to put them into action once you reach the intended destination – Hong Kong.

  1. The earlier you plan your visa the better

If you are a resident of another country visiting Hong Kong, you will need to apply for an entry visa. Please don’t wait until it’s too late to rush for it. Instead, plan so that you know the exact date and time to collect your visa. It will help to spare your travel time and in the long run, cut down your travel expenses.

  1. Don’t Forget to Carry Enough Cash

Whether you are planning your trip to Hong Kong for the first time or have been there previously, you will thank yourself for bringing enough cash to spend. Plan your budget accordingly and have a rough estimate of what you are likely to spend for the time you will be on your Hong Kong vacation tour. Remember that you will not use your country’s currency in Hong Kong – you will need to convert into Chinese Yuan. Do your maths and see how your country’s currency compares to the Chinese Yuan. That way, it will be a bit easier to estimate your budget. Note that you can also rely on international ATMs for cash, however, you will not find them outside the city centre.

  1. Plan where to visit and your accommodation In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a big city with different fascinating attractions. As a new or returning visitor, you need to clearly define the exact places you will be visiting before leaving your home. Don’t gamble with chances in Hong Kong – things may be challenging for you. Once you’ve identified your places of interest in Hong Kong, plan where you will stay for the few days, weeks or months you are going to spend. You can research the best and yet affordable hotels and restaurants online or ask for recommendations from your friends in Hong Kong if possible.

  1. Seek help from the locals in Hong Kong

When you land in Hong Kong, it will not take you time to realise the politeness and friendliness of Hong Kong residents. They are generally welcoming. You will be greeted with warm smiles in almost all the places you visit. You will meet people who will make you feel as if you are in your hometown. Suppose you face any issue while on your Hong Kong trip, it’s always advisable to seek help from those close to you.

  1. Avoid illegal taxis

If you will require hiring taxis in Hong Kong, make sure you know where to look for them. Typically, reputable taxis are found at train stations or large airports in big cities. If you encounter other taxis approaching you anywhere outside but close to a train station or an airport, kindly reject the ride. Allegedly, such individuals may not have legal licenses, and their taxis may not be in excellent condition. Y

  1. Obey the local law in Hong Kong

It’s well known that the applicable laws in your native country may differ significantly with the applicable laws in Hong Kong China. For that reason, it would be good to familiarise with things that are acceptable in China. Things such as hard drugs are highly prohibited, and if you are caught with them, you risk several years in prison, a financial penalty, or or even worse.

  1. Avoid disagreements and confrontations with the locals

Hong Kong residents are calm and peaceful. You can share jokes and have fun moments together; however, avoid debates that can spark disagreements or lead to confrontations.

  • 8. Keep your valuable possessions in secure and safe places

Cases of pickpocketing are rare in Hong Kong, however they do occur. Keep your valuable items safe to avoid losing them. In this case, your valuable items include your mobile device, your Visa cards, your money, your passport etc. You don’t want to lose any vital thing as this would complicate your excursion in Hong Kong.


The above are some pieces of advice for individuals planning a trip to Hong Kong. As you may have noted, these tips will not only make your trip to Hong Kong smooth, but will also add to the fun you will experience.

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