Tips for helping your child through the teenage years

Be there is probably the most important tip you can have. 

As your children get older, the parenting dynamic changes, and the teenage years are a time for you to act as both a parent and friend to your child. What’s of utmost importance is that you are there for them in their times of need, of which there are plenty as a teen.

You need to be a dependable soundboard, a shoulder to cry on, and a font of advice as and when required, and your ability to help your child through tough situations will only strengthen your bond.

There are going to be times when they need you there to help them weather the storm, and we can forget that there are going to be things that may not seem so anxiety-inducing, but that is because we’ve been there and done that.

Something as simple as going to a bigger room can cause a lot of changes in your child, even though they are a teen. This guide at sparklesandstretchmarks for transitioning your child to a ‘big kid’ room can provide some hints. 

It is a fine balancing act between being there for your child, and allowing them space to begin to spread their wings. So, while you’re still spending quality time together, make sure they have time for themselves as well.

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