5 household items you can use to workout at home

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Liverpool gyms have been given the green light to reopen, despite the region’s tier three Coronavirus restrictions – but many of us may not feel comfortable heading back to gyms just yet, given the current situation. For some, it looks like those home workouts are still on the agenda.

If you are used to strength training in the gym with weights, why give that up? It’s always important to stay fit and healthy – but now more than ever. During these strange times, good physical and mental health can keep our immune systems strong and our overall wellbeing positive.

In this round-up by Mills CNC, here are some great alternative household items you can substitute for a dumbbell when confined to your living room – but remember, get a medical check-up before embarking on a new fitness regime and be careful when exercising without the supervision of a professional. 

Bottle of water (1-5lb)

Repurpose a one or two-litre plastic bottle and fill it with water. Large milk bottles are also great because they have a handle, so you can pick it up, grip it, and even swing it with ease. The more water you put in, the heavier the bottle will get so you can control the weight that you’re using. Use these for simple upper-body exercises, such as bicep curls and skull crushers.

Packs of drinks (10-15lb)

Multi-packs of drinks, be that water, juice or fizzy pop, are pretty heavy and can be used as substitutes for your 5-15lb weights, or possibly even heavier depending on how many drinks are in your multi-pack. A 12-pack should give you around 10lbs. You’ll probably need two hands to grip this dumbbell substitute, so it works well for squats and sit-ups.

Tin of paint (11-12lb)

If you are after something of a similar weight to a pack of drinks but with a handle, grab yourself a 5 litre tin of paint, which usually weighs the equivalent of an 11 or 12lb dumbbell weight when full. The useful handle means you can really get the same effect as a dumbbell.

Pet food (20-60lb)

Calling all pet owners – you’ll often find that bags of cat and dog food have the weight of the bag on the packaging, as they can come in pretty big sizes and everything in between. The average bag of dog food weighs about 40 pounds, so you’re guaranteed a good lifting session with one of these to hand.

A full backpack

Something that can be tailored to your needs weight-wise is a full backpack. Lugging around a heavy backpack day-to-day is never fun – but it can actually be very handy in a home gym. Fill a backpack with books, cans, and whatever else you can find in your home to add some weight. You can decide how heavy you go. Put it on and tackle your bodyweight exercises; squats, lunges, and pushups.

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