Get a good nights sleep with Wax Lyrical and Silentnight

We all know how important getting our 8 hours of sleep is every night, but sometimes the reality is very different. Whilst I don’t struggle with getting to sleep, it is very rare that I will get a full 8 hours. Over the years my bedtime has got later and later and that is down to one thing….. older kids. Of course having a teen and tween means they are not tucked up in bed by 7pm.

Wax Lyrical Silentnight

When the last child has disappeared up the stairs around 10.15pm, husband and I tend to watch television for an hour. At 11.30pm I head upstairs, to indulge in my 30 minutes of ‘me time’ before the husband comes to bed. Just me and my book, a candle, and my fairy lights lit up around the bed. It’s one of my favourite times of the day, a chance to completely relax before bedtime.

And Wax Lyrical and Silentnight also understand the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. They have produced a fantastic range of products, infused with essential oils to help you relax. I was recently sent one of the Silentnight candles and reed diffusers to see what I thought of the new range at Wax Lyrical.

Wax Lyrical Candle

The first thing that struck me on opening the products was the smell. The candle smelled divine, as did the diffuser. Both are enriched with lavender and chamomile oils, and we all know how good these scents are for relaxation. The products are also enriched with the citrus aroma of mandarin and sweet orange, as well as jasmine, orchid, elemi and sandalwood.

Wax Lyrical Silentnight

I love the look of the candle which looks far more expensive than it’s £12 price tag. For the past few nights I have been lighting it when I am relaxing in bed, and there is nothing I like more than reading against the soft flicker of a candle flame.

Wax Lyrical Candle

I have also put the diffuser next to my bed, and I love the aroma of my bedroom. I have a few diffusers dotted around the house, but I never thought of putting one in the bedroom.

I had never heard of Wax Lyrical before, and it was nice to know that all of their candles are made in the Lake District. The company was founded in 1980 by the William’s family (no relation), and despite a name change and a few bumps along the way, the business is thriving. They really do produce some beautiful looking candles including their popular Lakes Collection and of course the Silentnight collection.

I was sent the products for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own

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