How to make sure your home is looked after through the winter

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Even though the leaves have started to fall and you’ve already started enjoying pumpkin-spiced treats, colder weather is just around the corner. Getting ready for winter involves more than just pulling out your bulkiest coats from the back of the closet, and if you are a homeowner, you need to be proactive if you want to safeguard the investment that is most important to you. The following are some helpful hints for dealing with the cold.

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Sort out your HVAC System 

In the middle of January, having a house that is cold and without heat is the very last thing that anyone wants. Schedule a tune-up for yourself by contacting a local HVAC technician (one who is familiar with your system well) and making an appointment with them (and your family). This is a step that is particularly important for households to take if they have an older furnace. You may need to use tools such as Self Colour Key Clamp Fittings to look after pipes through the winter. 

Examine your rain guttering

It’s a good idea to clean out your gutters once the leaves have all fallen to the ground. The majority of homeowners are unaware that clogged rain gutters can cause extensive damage to their roofs, siding, and the wooden trim on their windows and doors. This is because the majority of homeowners do not clean their rain gutters regularly. In addition to this, it has been reported that foundation problems originated from gutters that were clogged with debris.

Remove any standing water 

It’s possible that the rainwater that’s pooling at your home’s corner and coming down the pipes from the downspouts won’t appear to be a problem at first. This region is susceptible to freezing and thawing as temperatures drop throughout the winter months, because it is in a climate that experiences extremes of temperature. To prevent water from entering your home in the future, you should think about installing trenches and drain pipes underground right away. Make sure that you make arrangements for fence installation services as soon as possible, if you have fencing that is damaged or broken and that is typically used to support drainage and protect your home during inclement weather.

Check your energy usage 

Do you recall ever having an energy audit carried out by a knowledgeable and seasoned professional? Considering that the chilly winter nights are just about to arrive, right now is undeniably a good time to carry out a task of this nature. It is essential for the expert who is conducting the audit to provide not only pointers on how to reduce your consumption of energy, but also recommendations on how to locate specific areas of inefficiency.

Before the first cold snap of the season hits, it is essential to check and ensure that your home’s windows and doors have been properly caulked. You will be able to save energy by doing this. In addition to fixing cracked windows and mounting solar panels, installing solar panels is another option for cutting down on energy consumption that should be considered.

Employ a tree cutting service

It is simple to forget about them for the duration of the season once autumn arrives and all of the leaves have fallen from the trees. If you are thinking about pruning your tree, you should be aware that certified arborists recommend that you wait until the latter part of winter, when the trees have been dormant for a number of months, before beginning the pruning process.


Also, before winter comes, you should try to figure out how healthy your tree is. In this particular scenario, the upcoming snowstorm has a good chance of bringing down tree limbs that are severely damaged, are infected with disease, or have died completely. If you do not want to risk having your property damaged by falling tree limbs, you should think about getting in touch with an arborist who will be able to determine whether or not any trees or limbs on your property are diseased or dying.

This article should have provided you with a few items to add to your list of things to do in order to get your house ready for the winter season. What other plans do you have in the works? If you have any, please share them in the comments section below.


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